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Date: August 15th 1942
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

Saturday 15/42

Dear Leona and all :-

Well Leona how are you to-day just fine I hope, and John, the boys and little Porky I hope are just the same. I’m pretty fair but have had some trouble with me stomach the last few days. Flue I guess as everybody seems to have it by times.

Well I suppose you think I’ve forgotten you all again but no chance, I’ve been quite busy lately, moving and one thing and another. We are back in the tents again so its not so nice as where we were, but I sure glad were not there, as Sunday-nite the town was bombed, we left Sun. morning. There’s a big new church there got hit, the Railway station and gas works and other places. The regiment that took our place lost seven in the station so you see Sis one never knows when his time is up. We are in a bush about five miles from a much bigger town, the name I can’t say. We marched 28 miles Sunday and it was plenty hot too.

We never get week-ends anymore but granted 48 hrs between our seven day leaves which comes every three months. I’m going to London next week just to eat as now we can buy tomatoe and lettuce sandwiches. Since we came up here the meals have been awful, same old thing. The orderly officer came in the mess room and asked if there were any complaints this morning, somebody says when are we going to eat. There isn’t much we can do about it but like it.

Maybe you think thats a hint for a parcel Sis but I didn’t mean it for that as I think its plenty tough home now too.

Donna said she was home for a few days but didn’t see you nor little Dawson but just missed you. Kay finally got hitched I guess. I had a letter from her and seems to like it O.K. I’ll say its O.K. I’d like it better if I could only see Donna once in awhile but I guess I’ll just have to wait a while longer and maybe then I can come home, aye.

How is Dad and Maw keeping this summer, I suppose they both do all they can as usual. Mother never says how they’re doing much but I imagine they must worry. I try not to mention anything that might make her worry but she always did worry about me. I guess I’m no good aye. I hear Ross finally got his call but a little different than the one he expected, seems too bad but he might have known better to wait so long.

How does Elly like his job or is he too busy to get off. You said in your last letter that John is busier than ever. He sure sticks to it good I’ll say.

Well there is four in my tent counting myself, I have a chum from Parry Sound that plays the guitar and I have a mouth organ so we pass the evenings that way. There’s no lights so we use a candle, kind of cosy aye. Well I’m on guard to-night and figured I better do my writing this P.M. while its raining.

It looked nice this morning so I sneeked some time and done my washing. It’s out getting all wet so I guess it’ll be there until it gets dry.

I guess you’ve had lots of rain this summer by the letters. Donna said the crops down around home are sure a mess. Seems too bad when help is so scarse aye.

Well Dear Sister I’m pretty well beat for news so I’ll close for now hoping this finds you all fine and happy and I wish you all the best. So until I write again may God bless you all and until we meet again.

Lots of Love to all.
Your brother

write when you can as I sure like letters.

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