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Date: September 3rd 1942
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Thurs 3/42

Dear Leona and all:-

Hello Sis how are you and everybody at your house these days, just fine I hope as I am. I suppose you thought I was dead but they can’t kill me, (well unless they shoot at me.)

It sure has been wet over here lately, likewise at home I suppose. I got a letter from Gladys and Mother the first in about three weeks bearing the news of Grandma. I suppose mother will be quite blue and I hate to write and remind her of it again.

I haven’t been getting any mail lately and its driving me nuts but it’ll come some day I suppose aye.

I got a letter from Eva the other day and wanted an answer right back, she thought I was possibly in the raid at Dieppe. She quite worried so I wrote it, we write quite often. Boy she sure used Roy and I swell when we were there before. My next leave comes up in October so we’re undecided whether to go again or not. There is a woman in Oakville whose mother lives in Scotland, she gave me her address and wanted me to look her up so I’ll wait and see. Donna and her worked together last summer at Buntings. I guess my mother-in-law isn’t so good or wasn’t I mean lately. Some people talk about their mother-in-law but not me, she sure used me and Donna swell. She writes to me quite often and I sure like to hear from her. Old Ling wrote me a letter asking me to look him up but I don’t know when I can.

Jack hasn’t answered my last letter yet so I don’t know how he is either.

We had pork chops today for dinner, I guess in memory of the three year old war today. I sure hope it doesn’t last three more, aye?

Our town was bombed last Sat, I have only been there once yet, its raided quite often so I steer clear of it as a rule.

I hear that mother is taking her boat ride I sure hope she does because she never gets away much. How is Dad these days, I hope he doesn’t work to much.

Well this is the fourth letter I’ve written today Sis so I guess I close for now hoping to hear from you soon. So I must say good-bye again to a Dear Sister and all the family so hears hoping you lots of luck and love.

From your brother

P.S. Hows Porky these days. He’ll soon be big enough to join the navy (the little tub)

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