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Date: December 6th 1942
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Sunday 6 42

Dear Leona and all.

Just a few lines hoping you are all fine and well as this leaves me today. I know its been quite awhile since I wrote to you Sis but I really haven’t much to say and whats more we’ve been quite busy at night schemes and such.

Well I been getting quite a few parcels lately, just four in the last week or so. Aunt Ell sent me a nice one and Donna sent me one of things that the Red Cross gave her for me. Jean sent a nice one and last night I got one from the Keysers W.I. so I wrote them a few lines of thanks last night.

I had quite a few cards too, from Aunt Chrissie, Donna and the people she boards with so I feel I’ve never been forgotten.

Well Sis things are about the same over here now if any thing the people seem a bit happier and brighter I guess its over the victorious happens in the east aye. When I first came over here I had quite a low opinion of the English people but they are really a gentle and kind hearted race when you get to understand them. I found out a lot by going to see Eva because she is really a hospitable woman.

There is a contest going on in our regiment now. For the coy. putting on the best guard for a month gets a 48hr leave extra. I was on the guard for the first time Sat and we got 96 points out of 100 so I guess we have a fighting chance aye. I don’t know how I could take a 48 as I won’t have anything much for my next seven days leave, I guess I’ll get Donna to send me fifty cents or so.

I hear we’re moving down to the coast in billets for the winter so then we all have to be more careful aye.

You would have laughed yesterday here there was one of these old English fox-chases here. This camp we’re in has a big old castle on it where the officers live in. So its supposed to be quite a historical joint I guess which I don’t doubt. Well anyway these hunters rode in with about two dozen hounds or more, they had theyre red coats on and caps, the women were dressed up nice too and believe me it was sure nice to see I must say.

We have quite a bit of fun here by times. Last night one of the boys was sitting with his back to the stove writing a letter. I put half a dozen blank rounds in the stove and in a few minutes they went off and Abe almost had a baby, I laughed myself silly, like a nut.

I might be able to send you a snap next week as I have one film in town and another ready to go. They charge two shilling and sixpence to develope one thats 64¢ so it’s a dear business.

Well Sis there isnt much more to say so I’ll say “Cheerio” for tonight and write to Donna and Mother.

So Dear Sister until you hear from me again I wish you a Merry Xmas and a brighter New Year.

Your loving brother
XXXXX [final “X” is circled] Barries

Hello good lookin,
Whats cookin?
Do you want a strip.

There once was a guy named Skinner
He took his girl out to dinner.
At a quarter to nine they sat down to dine.
At nine he had it inner.
Not Skinner but the dinner
Skinner was inner before dinner.

I hope you don’t mind this but I remembered you saying once you liked jokes, so take it as a joke, aye? HAHA
Bye, Bye Sis. XX

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