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Date: January 22nd 1943
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Fri. 22 43

Dear Leona and all.

I suppose you are all wondering what’s wrong with me but it’s a long story. How is everybody at your house these days Sis? fine and happy I hope and not too cold or snowed in. I’m fine too but its only rain and mud here now so I don’t know really what’s worse, I prefer the snow though and how.

I haven’t heard from you for a long time now but that isn’t why I haven’t written lately, oh no, Sis.

I had my leave last week and when I came home went out on a scheme so I couldn’t write to anybody for two weeks nearly. The first day of my leave I went and found Ross at his camp and he was really surprised when I walked in. He was getting his leave the next a.m. so I stayed there over-night and we went up to Evas on Friday. He stayed till Sat night and went on up to Scotland, but I stayed there till Wed p.m. as she wouldn’t let me go, I guess she thought I might get in trouble of some kind.

My chum didn’t get his until the next week so I met him in London my last night of my leave and we had a few drops and took in a show. He went up to see Evas over the next week end so now we’re back here waiting for the next one in April. Eva sure uses me swell she seems like a mother to me and I use her as such, too.

We went to a show one night and I took in a dance but never got up as I felt out of place, the only Canuck there so that was quite a treat for them I guess (especially the girls) HA HA I never bother them though as I’ve seen too many guys get sucked in, in many ways. Harry, Ross and I went shooting Sat p.m. Ross got two but I didn’t score as usual.

While I was there I heard the Canadian news and heard there was a big fire in Sarnia, in a paper factory or somewhere.

The scheme we had was four days including Sunday which means nothing to us over here anymore.

Altogether we marched about seventy miles I guess and I was ready for bed that night. We stayed in an old empty brewery and one night I was on guard when Jerry came over and spilled the milk a couple times, they claim to have hit two and they must of as the guns were really going to it.

The other day they bombed London and killed a lot of kids the dirty b-----. But if the time ever comes I swear I’ll kill every dome square head I see, big or small. There sure is some awful fast planes in the R.A.F. I know most of them and do they go, just along the tree tops

We don’t seem to be doing so badly now and I hope it continues as gosh I’d like to get home again. I got 2 letters from Donna this week and she’s still working away. She said Mrs Harrington isn’t so good so maybe she’ll have to go home, I hope so as it will be a rest and they helped us a lot.

Well I guess I get the raise in pay but have to sign half of it to my wife but I intended to anyway So I guess it pays to be a good boy aye?

How is Elly and the boys at home these days, I suppose they’ll be in it too soon. I heard Ken had the mumps so that rather spoiled your Xmas I suppose aye.

How is John doing? still working in the same place I suppose so I guess everybody is doing a bit toward us all being together again.

How is Dad and Mother keeping this winter or do you see them much?

Well Leona I really haven’t got much more to say but things over here are beginning to crack a bit so it can’t be long now. So I guess I will close for tonight hoping this finds you all fine and happy and until I hear from you again I’ll say “Godbless” and “Cheerio.”

Love to all.
Brother Dawson.

Hoping to hear soon.

You heard about the little short man marrying the tall girl didn’t you?
Somebody must have put him up to it.

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