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Date: May 9th 1943
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

My Day 9

Dear Leona and all.

Well Sis how are you and you family and your hubbie these days, still in the groove I hope, I’m O.K. too especially today, being its Mothers Day and my birthday. Just imagine I’m 25. it hardly seems possible as I don’t feel that old by no means, but however we all get older aye.

Received your idea of a good birthday and letter last night and I had a good laugh as no doubt you did when you bought. However thanks Sis for remembering me like that. I hope you don’t get sore about what I said about your idea, and as far as sowing wild oats, they wouldn’t grow over here or have I ever given them a try HA.HA.

Jean sent me a card too so I guess I’m still in the family aye. Donna sent a nice letter but maybe the card will be here later, there wasn’t much mail in though.

Its been a brute here yesterday and today, wind and rain and lots of waves on the briny too.

I guess its been rather a late spring for the farmers aye. The trees and flowers are certainly swell over here now.

The papers are full of the recent victories in the East, I suppose yours are too. It is really good news I must say. The people are quite happy over here too now and boy they deserve it too.

I had 48 hrs leave last week after a lot of talk getting it. I went up to London and had two days of leisure. Had my mug taken but the results were no hell, as usual. I came back and saw Ross at his camp so ended the 48 hrs.

He is fine and looking well too. He was surprised to see me again but it is good to talk to somebody you really know.

My chum got a 48 too, he went to see his lady friend and isn’t back yet, she must have asked him in for dinner or maybe breakfast, however he’ll be doing chores a little late for a week or so. It doesn’t pay to kick over the traces I have yet to do C.B. so don’t think I’m bragging again.

By what you say John has to do a lot of extra duty these days, men must be awful scarce over there.

One of the boys and myself plan to go to church tonight and not to make faces at the girls in the choir either. HA. HA.

Well Leona my Dear I guess you’ll be tired listening to me so I’ll shut up for now so I hope this finds you and all fine and happy as it leaves me. So “Godbless” and “Cheerio.”

Lots of Love

Do you still like the jokes?

What kind of meat does a priest like?

Did you ever hear about the guy that picked up the mat to see the floor-show?
He put it down again too many dirty cracks.

Thats all for now
Bye Bye Sis.

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Original Scans