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Date: December 10th 1943
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Dec. 10/43

Dear Leona and all.

Hello Sis. and how is everybody at your house these days? fine and not too busy I hope as I am the same.

You’ll be wondering what’s wrong with me lately aye well honestly I don’t know but we have been doing quite a bit of moving around and what, however we are still in our hotel which I am glad of.

So very pleased to hear that mother is coming along so well and I thank you very much Sis for keeping me posted on her condition.

I was really worried Leona that I might not see her again and I’m happy in a way that she had the operation, not that I wanted to see her suffer but it was a thing that had to be done, although I’d liked to be there to help out a bit.

I suppose you wonder at me not wiring or Xmas card or something aye? well Leona I flat busted and I guess nobody will get any more then a letter this year.

I’ve asked Donna for some money to help out but since she’s in Toronto I’ve only had two letters for more anything else. I’m inclined to think there is buggary going on but I’ll wait and see.

It sure doesn’t seem like much my $22. a month over here especially when Donna doesn’t send me things. You’ll think that was a hint but it wasn’t, you and John and the rest have helped me out an awful lot and I’m very thankful to you all so don’t take it that way please.

I don’t know where Ross is as I don’t get any answer to my letters, maybe Italy. However we’re still here but when we go it won’t be very far.

I’m an escort for a court-marshal case in the a.m. so that means spit and polish. I’ve been firing the old [mortar?] all day its staring me in the face to be cleaned so I’m afraid I must close and get busy or else.

Well Leona I want to thank you for taking care of our mother as you are and give her my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery please.

So now I close wishing you all a very good Xmas and a brighter New Year.

Love to you all

Hoping to hear again soon.
Good night.

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