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Date: December 31st 1943
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

Dec. 31/43

My Dear Sister.

Well Sis how is everybody at your house these days, got over Xmas O.K. and all well I hope as I am fine too.

Received your parcel the other day Leona and it was really swell so thanks a lot because it makes me feel good to get those good things. I don’t want you to go giving your sugar rations to me again, however the coffee was sure a treat, good coffee anyway. The gloves are O.K. too Sis and the cookies were swell, so please accept my many thanks Sis because it made my Xmas happier.

I am very sorry for not sending you some kind of greeting, in fact I didn’t send any this year. I couldn’t very easy.

You see I’m almost on my own now, as I haven’t had any news from Donna for over two months, now keep this quiet Sis because I have begun looking into things the army way. However she sent me a lovely parcel which was addressed by some one elses hand-writing, I’ve been quite suspicious for quite awhile, no smokes no mail I wired for money ages ago and none yet so there I am you see.

I guess they forget who’s freedom us fellows are risking our necks for.

I got my good-conduct stripe on Sis, two whole years without a crime, in fact 2½, quite a veteran aye. Supposed to get a ribbon too soon for service abroad. Well Leona the time sure flies, my third Xmas over here and nothing yet but by the looks of things it won’t be long aye.

Had a letter or two from Ross, he’s in Italy or Sicily and its no hell by him I guess, so it won’t be long until you hear I’ve moved too, but not that far, oh boy, ????

I got a nice parcel from Chesters and one from Aunt Ellen so you see they remember too aye. Its a wonderful feeling Leona to know that you swell people over there are behind us guys, really wonderful. How is Mother Sis, still quite weak I suppose, boy I wish I could help them some way and Ellis says the same as I heard from him too.

I want to thank you again for writing to me as you did about Mother when times were tough for her, also tell her for me in your way that I was really worried Sis.

You’ve been a real sister Leona all my life and since I came over here you alone have sent me more cigarettes then anyone, in two years Donna has sent 1200, for one that smokes as she does you think she’d realise how far those go, in a bunch of guys. You see Sis when I run out I borrow and when I get I give them back which is proper or friends don’t last long.

Well Sis we are still in town but we are out scheming most of the time Today I’m on guard and for New Years Day too.

We had a swell dinner on Xmas, turkey and everything I don’t remember much about Xmas Eve, HA. HA. I got a letter from you saying Mum was at your house and doing fine, so being I was browned off I did it and how, I woke up in a garden somewhere and walked for hrs before I found home and was I cold, but I was happy. HA. HA.

Well Leona old Dear I’m signing off, so thanks a million for everything and until we meet again “Godbless” you all and hoping you all see a brighter New Year.

I remain Asever
Your brother
if you can’t taste these chew the paper

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