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Date: February 14th 1944
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

Feb. 14 44

Dear Sister and all.

Just a few lines as I thought it was almost time aye, well I hope you are all fine and doing O.K. as I am except for a dam cold.

Well I haven’t much to say this time except its quite nice here lately but never nice enough to do guard, but we only have a week of it and then back to the old grind of schemes and so on.

I haven’t had much mail from home lately but maybe if I wrote oftener it would be different, but theres nothing to write about and what I do know we can’t say much about it.

I got quite a surprise last Sat., I got a letter from Donnas brother Grant saying he was over here and if I am ever in his town to look him up. Well he was only ten minutes walk from our billets so I went over to see him. He was as surprised as I was. We had quite a talk and he tells me all I’ve heard from home and places about Donna is all hooey and to forget about such things. I think I know where they came from so boy somebody will hear plenty when I get an answer from Donna.

However Grant and I had a few drinks and put in quite an enjoyable evening for a change. He gave me enough soap and blades for awhile, also some fags which aren’t very plentiful these days. However I buy a lot from the guys that do get them. Its quite a place here you know for things we need but we manage.

I’ve heard from Ross last week and he’s O.K. yet.

Well Leona my Dear I am afraid “you’ve had it” for this time so I’ll close hoping this finds you and everyone fine as this leaves me.

So until next month (HA HA) Godbless you all and take care.

Love Asever

Hows Porky??

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