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Date: March 28th 1944
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Tues. 28 44

Dear Leona and all.

Hello Sis and how is every one at your house these lovely days? just fine I hope and this leaves us here the same. It sure is lovely weather here now but I suppose there is still some nasty days at home aye.

It seems like a long time since I wrote to you Sis but this is really a letter of thanks Mostly for the 1000 cigarettes I received today and also for all the other kind things you’ve done for me. I never had a lot of fags like that before so I am very grateful to you all.

You mentioned in your last letter about money well you forget that I got no need for it now because our leaves are all cancelled but thanks a lot anyway.

Its beginning to look pretty good here now as if we might go soon, I hope so as its going to be late getting home if we don’t start some aye.

I haven’t heard from Donna for monthes now so I can’t say how she’s doing, however if you take a notion to write her, her address is still Oakville Post Office. Its about 2.30 in the morning now and I’m fireman in the cook-house so I thought I better drop you a line to keep me awake.

I haven’t much news anymore so I guess I’ll have to close again.

So here’s hoping you’re all O.K. as I am and thanks once again Leona you’ve been really swell to me.

So Godbless you all and hoping to see you soon.

Love Asever

Did you ever hear about that drank 8 cokes and burped “7 up”


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