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Date: May 17th 1944
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

B64737 Rfn Butler E.D.
C. coy. Q.O.R.
Canadian Army Overseas
May 17/44

Dear Sister and all.

Well old duck how is everyone at your house these days? O.K. I do hope and I’m fine too. Received your lovely parcel Leona and thanks a million as you really sent a nice one again. I also got one from Keylers W.I. so I’ve had rather a picnic, (a little cool for swimming tho) I had some mail from Donna, Jean and Mum last night so I have them to answer too.

Donna and I are O.K. again but I still have some one to thank for starting this, but that can wait until….

Jean says Mum is looking swell again and she sure sounds a lot more cheerful too. Heard from Ross and he’s O.K. too.

No doubt you hear plenty about the 2nd front now days and so on aye, we do too. We’ve had two quite heavy raids here this week, not many bombs but plenty of fire-works and etc. nice to watch it.

Sorry to hear about Stuart and it’s tough luck but I can imagine its quite a chore to start up now days, at least as good as his dad any way.

Its trying hard to rain here today and its really needed too, crops and etc. however these English cottages and gardens are really nice

Well Sis you know how much these letters hold so I guess I’ll close with many thanks to a very Dear and faithful Sister, I’m proud of you Leona and don’t forget I know you are depending on guys like us over here aye.

So now Sis I close, until next time thanks again and Godbless you all.


hope you can read this O.K.

[unknown signature, likely the censor’s]

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