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Date: May 27th 1944
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

B64737 Rfn Butler E.D.
C. coy Queens Own Rifles
Canadian Army Overseas.
May. 27/44

Dear Sister and all.

Well Sis its about time to say a few words again I reckon so heres hoping you’re all fine and happy as I am here too. Its really warm here the last few days but a rain would be most welcome as far as crops and etc. are concerned.

I’m sending you a picture of myself and a few of the boys, it was taken shortly after the pub (hotel) closed so I hope you don’t hold the looks and appearance of this against us. We were on pass at the time so we made good use of what we could get, it may have been a lot worse I guess though HA. HA.

I suppose the radio and papers over there are fairly well jammed up about whats expected in the future but I hope your not worrying or too anxious because I’m not, yet anyway.

The mail is coming in too plentiful these days so maybe it will be soon I hope.

Well Leona there doesn’t seem to be very much to say there is plenty you’d like to hear no doubt but that can’t be mentioned of course I think you realize the importance of security, AHEM.

I owe Eva a letter too so I guess I’ll write that soon, they are all well too and still waiting for us to visit, maybe soon??

I’ve been waiting for more news from Donna she had her hand crushed in a machine, so I don’t know how she is.

Well Leona my Dear I’m afraid this is about all for now so I will close hoping you’re all o.k. as I am. So until next time Sis don’t worry about me and don’t forget if your mail isn’t as frequent as it should be there’s a reason.

So “Godbless” you all and Cherio.

Love to all

write soon.

[unknown signature, likely the censor’s]

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