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Date: November 19th 1917
Newspaper Article

[published in The Evening Examiner newspaper, Peterborough, Ontario, on November 19, 1917, page 8]

Capt. Mowat Killed While Leading Platoon In Heavy Fighting

In a letter to Captain Grant Mowat’s parents, Lieutenant-Colonel E.O. Jones, commanding officer of the 21st Battalion says in part:

“Grant was killed while leading his platoon in exceedingly heavy fighting for the capture of Hill 70 and the entrance to Lens.

“It is harder to write you than you can know, as not only was Grant a splendid soldier, fearless and brave, but he had become in a very short time a friend of every one.

“As above, he was killed leading his men in the very front of the battalion, and at the farthest point of our advance. He was killed instantly by the bullet of a sniper concealed in the ruins of a building in line with the attack.

“His death, leading his men, is, I am sure, the one he would have chosen.”

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