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Date: September 30th 1941

“G” FLIGHT, No. 2 I.T.S.
REGINA. SASK.         
SEPTEMBER. 30, 1941

[Note: Some of the names from the photograph were able to be matched with service records at Library and Archives Canada. In these cases, links have been provided along with service numbers and dates of death.]

Back Row (l. to r.):
Hodges, K.D.
Hurd, E.A.
Hetherington, H.T.
Scott, Russell Clare (J20438)  1943-08-24
Highsted, Raymond Harold (J26984)  1943-09-28
Jones, A.W.S.
Johnson, G.A.
Skaife, D.E.
Olauson, G.C.
Lantinga, S.R.
Kemp, Dennis Stuart (J42491)  1945-02-15

Fourth Row (l. to r.):
Laird, K.R.
MacNair, J.A.
Sefton, J.S.
Lineham, D.K.
Leshko, L.
Haskins, G.E.
Hoar, L.S.
Pinkney, J.H.
Lacerte, R.J.
Hill, Douglas Stewart (Curly) (R104887) 1942-11-29
Hunt, Jack (J27849)  1944-11-29
Kennedy, D.M.
Land, Robert James (J11579)  1945-01-14
Forsyth, J.L.

Third Row (l. to r.):
Kirby, G.E.
Scott, W.
Hodge, Robert George (J27801)  1945-05-16
Denney, H.S.
Russell, W.A.
Chambers, Richard Eric (J90578)  1944-09-29
Jones, R.W.
Kerr, R.A.
Joplin, A.F.
Carruthers, Harold Allen (J93886)  1945-01-12
King, Gordon Lawrence  (J13949)  1944-05-11
Hoglund, W.O.
Harrow, P.G.
Lemire, A.J.
Kennedy, W.E.

Second Row (l. to r.):
Bergey, E.K.
Coburn, L.G.
Beaudry, Eloi Joseph Emile (R115650)  1943-08-18
Burns, R.A.
Cook, B.Q.
Hill, H.J.
Hatch, C.A.
Homewood, H.R.
Jenkins, H.
Lee, W.R.
James, R.L.
Hardy, L.F.
Hollenback, E.H.
Hougan, A.S.
Lothian, R.J.S.

Front Row (l. to r.):
Rumble, R.P.
Cragg, L.E.
Allen, E.J.
Hendry, W.S.
Reilly, A.L.
Bishop, J.R.
Wilson, E.C.J.
Lory, E.
Lightbrown, J.I.G.
Hollowell, Donald Terence (J24107)  1943-03-19
Johnson, J.A.
Roche, J.J.
Steenson, William Joseph (R106347)  1944-04-14