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Date: December 10th 1942
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

Camp Borden, Ont.,
Dec. 10/42

Dear Marg and Marie,–

Well here I am finally getting around to writing you girls. I got your letter a couple of days ago but you thought wrong when you heard I went to Camp Borden in an ambulance. I went in an army truck and it was practically open air and a long way from looking like an ambulance.

I went on sick parade Wednesday morning at six O’ clock and left for Camp Borden at nine the same morning with my [chaws?]

When I got to the hospital they confined me to bed till the swelling went down but it so happens I am still in bed. They have been giving me ice packs for my [chaws?] but I don’t need them now. You should have seen me when the swelling was at its worse I was so blown up I thought I was going to take off.

I was thinking of giving Mum a picture of myself for Christmas bit I won’t have time when I get out because they keep us in here sixteen at the least. I am open for suggestions, I got a letter from Mum in fact two of them since I’ve been in here she’s going to send me a box of fruit this week end.

She told me that Mrs. Rose gave her 2 pair socks, sweater, gloves and chest protector for me okay ha.

Well I guess I leave you so I’ll say “so long” for now

Your Big Brother

My address is T. L. Harber Ir.
C.B.M.H. Ward B9. Room 31
Camp Borden

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Original Scans