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Date: June 27th 1943
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

Canadian Army
June 27/43

Dear Marg and Marie,

Well girls here I am finally getting around to writing you again. I am now sitting in the dry canteen beside the radio that’s going full blast in my ear and I just finished writing to Mum. I would have written you before this but we have been kept quite busy lately and this has been my first chance on account of it being Sunday.

I told you in my last letter I met Frenchie Cachier on the boat, well he is in the same camp as I am now in fact he is in the same company. I was to Mass and Communion with him this morning. I also met Fat Swales at Church, and then this morning while I was eating breakfast I met Bill Smith from Midland you know who I mean his father owns a bunch of cabins around the lake.

I’ve been down town a couple of times since my last letter and I have seen a bit of the country the scenery is smart over here almost all you can see in the country is green hedges. I have also been swimming almost every night at a smart big swimming pool that is near the camp. I have been going down with Al the fellow that was up home with me for a weekend, we are still sticking together.

Well girls there isn’t an awful lot I can tell you, its really hard to find some thing to say so I’ll say “so long” for now and I’ll be waiting for your mail its the most important thing over here next to smoking.

Oh yes I have tried the English tea, and don’t like it a bit its mostly all water.

I’ll be thinking of you
“so long”
Your big brother

B-134028 Pte. Harber T.L.
48th Highlanders of Canada
#4 C.I.R.U.
Canadian Army Overseas.

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