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Date: March 6th 1944
Margaret & Marie Harber – (sisters)
Lloyd Harber

March 6/44.

Dear Marg and Marie,–

Well girls here I am on another leave. At the present time I am in Sheffield with Morgan, we are staying at his relations here. The lady is treating us swell We have only slept here the one night so far and it has been perfect. It feels swell to sleep in a bed once again, and be wakened with a cup of tea.

We left camp on the second and spent the first night in London. We were lucky we hit London when we did, there was no air-raid that night. From London we went to Leeds and spent a couple of days there.

When in Leeds we also stayed at a private home, but not quite as good as where we are now.

We had a swell time in Leeds, we met up with a couple of Canadian Air Force Sgts. girls by the way that are stationed there. One was from Montreal the other from Fort William, we really painted the town red. We intend to go back to Leeds to see them to-morrow. There seems to be a shortage of men up there also so we can be particular as well as independent.

Oh yes just before we came away on leave we were inspected by Gen. Montgomery. That is the man you have probably heard before that we are going in with. He seems to be the right one, and we are really glad it is him that will be with us.

Since the first time I have been over I saw snow. There is plenty of it up here. But it isn’t the same as back home, it’s wet and drizzly like in the spring of the year.

I have been receiving your mail O.K. girls. I just got a bunch of letters before I came away on leave as well as 900 cigarettes from Dad and a box and five pound cheque from Mum.

While on leave we are going to try to go through the steal plants here in this district.

If we did I think it would be very interesting. I’ll tell you about it later.

Well girls time is getting short and I have to write to Mum and Frances yet so I’ll say “so long for now and you will here from me in a couple of days.

Your big brother

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