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Date: August 1st 1917

Wed. Aug. 1 -

Early in morning we could hear a great deal of firing. The Huns were putting up a heavy barrage on our infantry and heavy shells were dropping around & back of us. The enemy evidently expected an attack and was well prepared. He got a direct hit on No. 2 gun pit. Shell came thru the roof, smashed the gun to splinters and crushed the two men sleeping in it, almost beyond recognition. A nasty job that morning of digging these men out and later of cleaning gun pit, making new covering, etc. to receive a new gun which was brought up in same evening. He had evidently been shelling our waggon lines at Bully Grenay as well because we learned that a fellow there had been killed and one of E sub waggons ruined. We were late getting to bed that evening. One of our number had been made brigade orderly for a few days. That left just four of us for gun crew and we all slept in our bivy.