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Date: January 28th 1945

JANUARY 28, 1945

Dear Eva:

Like the Frenchman, 'I don't live where I stay now, I move.' We are all farmed out to different hospitals, until such time as we set up again. May it be soon. Although everyone is very nice to us, it just isn't good. We are nearer the Front than we have ever been before. Of all places to put me, I'm working on the NP ward. Boy, oh man it's cold up here, and I don't mean maybe. The poor boys up front must suffer. Yesterday we all had a long day, and ventured out for the first. Took in the city via thumb transportation. A very old, interesting city. So far have just taken in one cathedral. Next week going to take in the famous art galleries.

Thanks so much for the pretty Xmas card. Everyone was very kind in sending so much. Just received a fruitcake and chocolate bar from your grandmother. She had already sent some 'pleasant tasting' stationery. Had one letter from your mother since Xmas. I hope this old war ends soon. I always planned to go to your graduation. How time flies: that is not far off. Time to take a walk around, and see my children. Take care, and write me about your birthday party.

Love, Frank