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Date: February 18th 1942

Feb 18/42

Dear Mother:

I guess winter is in full swing over home now. It will be much more different than it is here. We have no snow what ever and it is not very cold alough you still wear your overcoat.

I have received Dads & Herman's cigarettes all OK and I a got a parcel from Aunt Bessie to-day. We certainly live to get parcel from home as we can not get hardly any chocolate or cigarettes over here.

There is not very much I can tell you as I have not been very far from the station as they have kept us very busy for a change and seem to want us to stay around but we do not do very much flying.

That was a very bad show in the channel last week when they let the battleship go right under their noses. We should have sunk all three of them. I guess nobody was sick this winter I have a sore throat but I am going to see to it tomorrow. I guess what I need is a silk scarf to wrap around my neck. You can send me one if you can get one about three ft long.

I could send you some snaps if I had a cheap camera and film. You have to oay about $50 for a camera & then you can not buy any films for them. So consequently we do not have many pictures taken. If you send one just make it a small & cheap as well as a supply of film.