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last, there was a lot of water, I don't know if we will return to the same place? Regarding our group we are all strangers and we are only 3 French Canadian, and I do not understand English yet, I have a very hard head for that, and it is very lonely but I am well with them. Although I don't have much to say, after your letter I can write longer, as for the remainder I keep it for later because I can't write it. As for the cigarettes, send them regularly every month. I think that my nerves are still solid even though there are many in our group who are still shaken up this morning -.?

I finish for to-day and I am waiting for your Christmas package as I will very likely still be here to receive it. I have lost a bit of weight, due in part to loneliness and always getting the same food even though we are

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well fed, and as for the cafes, forget them as there is nothing there except beer and that is nothing but soda water, so my expenses are very small. I bought a bond, and this month I want to pay cash for it. I am closing because it is the trucks toilet this afternoon and to-morrow there is a big "Kermesse" in town and I will go as it is very near here.

From your husband who does not forget any of you and who kisses all of you including little Annette.

P.S. I believe I have answered all of your questions except those which I can't answer, it grieves me to be unable to tell you everything

E41572 SPR Lapointe P.
1St CND. FD. PK. Coy

Always address your letters in block letters, it helps very much as your last letter took only 6 days to get here. Amqui on the 27 and here on November 3