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Date: April 13th 1941
Mother and Father

Dear Folks:

Well here it is Easter Sunday and things carry on just like any other day. We are spending the day grinding valves etc. We all intended going to church in Calgary on Sunday but got sent down here to Macleod on temporary duty for a month.

They have been using poor gas and have burned out all their valves. They haven't equipment for grinding and reseating valves and putting in the guides so they sent for us. We (12) moved in on Thursday and so far we have done four motors. This is good practise and much better than putting in time up at No. 10.

Macleod is a small town about 100 miles south of Calgary. We were in town last night to the show. It was rotten but we had to do something. There are dances every Wed. & Saturday night they aren't too bad either. There are some Galt boys in No. 10. They came the day after we left. I don't know where Stone is but I guess he isn't up there though.

Has Pa started seeding yet. They are sowing out here but I guess this is a bit earlier than down there.

Our W.O.1 came down with us. He is just one of the boys and is in full charge of us. We have nothing to do with the other big guys at all. He signs all passes etc. and he says he'll sign anything. All thirteen of us went out together last night and had a fair time. The boys down here think he is a swell guy and boy don't we know it. He sure looks out for our rights. He even got us an advance in pay since we came down here.

I had a letter from Bruce the other day. He said he was working for Pa for a day or so I also had a letter from Bernice containing a clipping announcing Gwenyth's engagement. It sure breaks my heart. She should never have sent it as I won't be able to get much work done now for a few days until I recover from the shock.

I broke my watch again fighting with Clark so I'll have to take it in for a few repairs. That is the second time I have done it fighting with him. It snowed a little last night but is nice and sunny and bright today. We are in the real windy part of Alberta so I hope we get out again before it is too dry and the sand starts drifting with the tumbling tumble weeds.

I suppose Bet & Ed are hard at it on Exams now. I have one coming up next month sometime. It will be a bit tougher as we have to get 80% or miss our "A"; however I made 70.5 last time so I think with a bit of work I can make the next grade. After that it is all plain sailing with no more trade tests.

I signed over thirty dollars of my pay to you a week or so ago. It is supposed to be effective this month so you should get a check for thirty dollars the end of the month. Well all is well on the Western Front so I'll close for the time being.

Love JB