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Date: July 15th 1941


Dear Ma:

Well one week has gone since I got back to this joint and it seems a lifetime. This place is unbearable for awhile but isn't quite so bad now. We didn't do much for a couple of days but we are back on Avro Anson erection again. It seems that we will never get anything else.

There is another trade test coming up in two weeks since I failed to get my A. Only one of the guys got it—Ken Cooper from Galt who was also home on leave when I was.

I got that letter from Razz. He went by truck from Petawawa and had a heck of a time so he said. I would kind of like a transfer now since coming back to these prairies.

Calgary Stampede wasn't what it is cracked up to be. The bronc busting was pretty good and the chuckwagon races, but the rest was just a midway and there was no exhibition at all hardly.

Gosh it is hot out here these days. Especially on the cement aprons. It is like a furnace at noon parade.

There seems to be nothing doing about the remustering and the overseas stuff is off for us according to Fl. Lt. Murray, our officer I.C. I am going to ask him what he thinks of the possibilities of getting sent down to Aylmer and see what he says. It can't do any harm anyhow.

I guess the haying will be almost over by now. It is a good think there wasn't too much when I was there or I might have