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Date: June 28th 1942

Sunday June 28
No. 2 AO8

Dear Ma:

Hyah, I come again. Hope you are back on your feet again and that Pa is back in there a rarin' to go. I expect you are by this time.

Its just a year ago since I was home. Some ways it seems like about six, but then again time has gone like wildfire. I have had a good time this last three or four months, maybe that helps. This is a darn good town, or city as they call it, is more like an oversize town as it isn't all citified at all.

I had to fly this afternoon and it was a lonely day too and I had an opportunity to go out to Cooking Lake for the day with some nice company too, however the flying has been upset for about three weeks as it has been raining almost every day.

We ran into a lot of storms one day. We are supposed to go on the big stuff when we finally get ready. I guess they were wearing out observers walking back in a Stirling. I guess it cut about six weeks off the course. I don't know whether we are lucky or not. It will likely mean sitting down in a little compartment with lots of light and drawing lines on a map, know where you are and never seeing a darn thing. Sort of a white collar job only there is piles of responsibility with a ten man crew like the Stirlings and Halifaxes.

We were supposed to fly today but it is washed out so we'll likely fly on Sunday or Saturday. We had yesterday afternoon off too so we are getting a bit behind, I guess, but we are taking night classes this week getting ready for mid-term exams which start a week from Friday.

So Bill made it. I thought maybe he was in that squadron that went to the Far East. Three more of the boys are remustered at I.T.S.

James B. Bell