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Date: August 16th 1942


Dear Ma:

Funny things can happen in the west they say and they sure do. I suppose you had everything figured out by the last letter I wrote as just a sort of a pave the way, but there was nothing definite about the whole thing then. However all is out of control now and Olwen and I will be married (sounds screwy don't it) on the twenty-ninth, the day after I'll be getting my wings. If all goes well I'll get my wings one day and have ‘em clipped the next.

I wouldn't worry about it though. I think I know what I am doing. I haven't rushed into it as madly as it may seem. We have weighed the consequences on both schools of thought and figure this is the best thing to do.

I can just hear Pa when he finds out. Her Ma and Pa, who live in Coleman, are quite het up. It is quite a shock right out of the blue, as they know very little of our acquaintance, but I guess they'll get over it alright. I hope I do.

I guess that answers Bernice's question of how I am getting along with the little blonde, my little sweetheart of the mountains, five foot 2, a hundred and two pounds of dynamite, and she is nineteen, old enough to know better.

I finished up flying last night except for the graduation flight which will be next Monday likely. We are writing exams this week and then its all over but the cheering.

Had a good trip last night. Down to Drumheller, Craigmile and back. Just before getting to Drumheller our generator went on the bum and the radio quit and also the lights all went out some were in a pretty fix. We worked with flashlights in our teeth and set course for home and fortunately the wind didn't change and we hit Edmonton dead centre but we had to fly around the tower here shooting off red flares to get them to keep all the other aircraft out of the way until we got down as they couldn't see us in the dark. They thought here that we were forced down some place as we hadn't sent in a position for about two hours.

Well I guess that's all there is for now except I will enclose a check with this as I'll need some money I do believe. We'll be down there on Tuesday the first I expect. Olwen intends coming back here again when I leave for Halifax.

Well so long. I'll be seeing you.

Love JB