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Date: April 13th 1942

Halifax April 13, 1942

Hello Everybody—including Perk [the dog] & the kittens:

Well, I guess you are waiting to hear me say hello from the Beaver Club in London, but I am afraid I have to disappoint you this time cause we are no further head than when I last corresponded. We are still hoping for action notwithstanding. I am getting caught up on my walking so will soon be a good soldier. We do a route march every morning, part way with gas masks on too. It took our squadron 55 seconds to be ready today. I had to change my glasses too so if I had been wearing my "frog's eyes", I could have done it in 25. Was over to a show in the gym just now. They have two shows a week for us here and a dance Saturday nights and they get in girls from all over the city. Some of them are O.K. and not bad dancers, but they dance different to what we do at home. I heard about the Easter dance in Harriston from a gal in Listowel today and I guess I should have been there. I sure could be doing as much good at home as here anyway.

Are the kids staying home now and going to school from here? I bet it sure suits Ed [his kid brother] better to get home. Did you get the "B" rating you sent away for? I kind of doubt if you would when the mileage you put on was not enough to use up an "A" rating book.

I'll bet pa is chafing on the bit now, trying to get out on that danged old cultivator. Take your time there pappy, you have a hard summer's work ahead of you so don't tire yourself out in the first round. Glad you got the wood cut and a few gallons of syrup. I guess you'll likely have Arthur [his older brother] to help this summer of course. Ed is a man now and only needs a couple of days on the hayloader to toughen him up.

Got a letter from Jim and he seems to be downright smart. I hope he lands himself a commission. He'll sure have to work to beat Ed at the mathematics. I guess Cook was right when he told me Ed was the smartest of all the Ding-Dongs. I guess Aunt Kate & Tot got my letter O.K. I think I will drop a note to Ethel & Harry [his sister and brother-in-law in Wingham] etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. [each etc. is numbered to indicate 7 children—there were 6] (am I right because I haven't said a word to them yet.)

I figure right now I'll still be in Canada a while yet, probably all summer and then some, but one never knows. Better be going now. How is Bun [sister Bernice's husband] doing on the new fish & chips and the new grinders?

Bye now.