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Sumburgh, Shetland
Islands, 404 Squdn
R.C.A.F. Overseas

Dear Gerries:

Gee, I suppose I forgot to thank you before for the bundle of papers you sent me so will try to thank you now for both bunches. I enjoyed them very much but don't go to too much trouble to send them. I think they've stopped allowing them thru because they take up so much shipping space.

How are you folks doing anyway. I guess this letter will get to you after the kids are back at school. I suppose they went over to grandma's for a little while. They'll have a little competition there now from what I hear. I bet Bun's chest is sticking out a mile now—maybe more than his chest too.

I've had a move since I got your first bundle of papers but they found me (the second bunch) O.K. You'll find out where I am from Barbara and I can assure you I'm not going to stay here after the war is over—unless they tie me down here. However, the mainland is fine and I like it fine. Just heard about the big raid on France by the Canucks, Yanks & Limy's and I hope they do it again only harder right smartly. I guess Jim will soon be coming over to see me and I sure will be glad to see him again. I had a couple of good days with Elmer in London and we took some pictures which I hope he sends me before he returns to Canada—if he does so soon. I wrote him the other day asking him to send me some ukele strings to keep up our spirits when we get fed up with this joint. We hope to get back to Aberdeen soon and get different kites but never know what will come up.

There is an air gunner dropped in to see his brother and he goes to Archangel via flying boat so had a lot to tell us about the Russians. He has 300 hrs flying to his credit which is some time for air crew. A "Spit" skimmed too close to the water yesterday and crashed. They got him out today. A lot of fellows saw him go in.

I've applied for a flight engineer's course so if I get it I'll be flying in a big bomber or flying boat all the time. It would be fun to get in with Jim some time and go over to Berlin with a few tons of fire crackers for Hitler.

I have some leave coming up fairly soon and may go to Wales again with my chum but if I'm still up here will likely spend it in Scotland as it takes so long to get there even by boat and they won't let us fly out—just headquarters are flown out—and we have to gas up their plane, which doesn't please us at all.

Well, I hope you are all in the proverbial "pink" and that I'll be a seeing you all in the not too far distant future. In the meantime, keep Canada away from the Japs & I'll watch Jerry.
So long,