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Date: October 1st 1942

404 Squdn, R.C.A.F.
Oct. 1, 1942

Dear Ethel, Harry, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Received your letter the other day so must get down to business and answer it. I really would sooner have a letter than the Harriston paper anyway and I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in saving them for me but if they cut down on sending them I'm sure I can manage without them. Those blue air mail forms are sure slick & you can write a pile on em too—at least you & mum can.

I guess those kids will be all back to school again. It won't be long till Marion will be trying her entrance I guess. The years sure roll away. I'll have to step on it or my kids will be the same age as your grandchildren. However, I guess that doesn't matter. I figure if I wait long enough I'll be too old to be able to have a big family—what do you think. Anyway, I can make up for lost time by getting twins. [In fact, he did have twins.]

Things are a bit quiet up here. It isn't as cold here as the same latitude in Canada (about the Yukon). I guess Barb told you I was up here with the gulls, wind, rain & ponies. There isn't a railroad or a tree up here so the dogs all squat. The soup is made from the rainwater off the roof (where the gulls roost). The conveniences aren't bad now since we got a new water system but we still sit on 2x4's to "let her go" as Jerry says of me, while hoeing turnips.

I have a farmer who brings me eggs quite regularly and also got a cured ham which really hits the spot. You should see my cupboard. Its full of good things to eat, so if you visit me I can really give you a spread. I have been busy as Heck lately. A lot of our boys were moved back to the mainland but not me and don't I know it. I've worked till dark nearly every nite this week, tearing off cylinders and putting in new rings, changing exhaust rings and every conceivable thing that could go in the hummer. There are only 3 corp fitters & we are sure hopping. Today is day off so Im writing all afternoon to get caught up. Hear from home regularly and they seem to be coping with work O.K. I guess Pa & Ma will always be hard working, they just can't help it. "Whew!" that fellows wheels just skimmed the roof, I ducked I think.

Well cheerio for now and I'll be seeing you soon I hope. We may be another 8 months doing the job, that's all though.
Toodle doo