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Date: September 6th 1917
Bill Calder


Sept 6th

My Dear Mother:

I got two nice long letters from you today & I am going to take a chance & send this one to the Ponds as it may catch you there. They were dated August 2nd & 7th your last one written the the day before the Canadians went over the top down South.

Am sorry to hear that Dave is cutting up a bit but you will have to over look it for the time being - but be on the look-out for a returned soldier that you know a bit about & give Dave the bump.

I have not received your parcel with the white socks in it but I guess it will soon come - we all look forward to parcels now more than ever as we are out of the zone of civilians - they can't keep up to us - or is it Fritz? Everything is ruins, shell holes, barb-wire & guns.

Yes I get a parcel from the Red Cross about every month & I do my best to answer them - after this if I have no time I will acknowledge them with a "whiz-bang".

That was a good one about old Phil firing Hugh Austin. I suppose that will kind of spoil their plan to keep him out of the Army - won't it?

Am glad to hear the Smiths' boy is getting well again & I hope he will soon be able to get out on the ranch - it will do him good.

I have not seen William since we were out on rest last April but he will be all right at his job. One of our old boys (A sub original) saw Jeff yesterday & he was still going strong - he was on his way into the line. Have not heard of Brown since the the 5th of August but I guess he is all right.

Did Park's new chauffeur loose his job for dumping them over the bank? I suppose it would get him in wrong with old Phil. Gee I can remember the way I used to tare around that road with our little car when I was alone could do it with my eyes shut now I think.

I am glad to hear that Mr. Creilman is getting married again - it rather soon after the death of his wife according to some people - but I think he is doing a wise thing for the sake of his girls.

Yes I would like to know also why Papa wanted me to write Willie Munro for I don't see why I should & am not going to either.

Well I am pretty tired now have been out since early morning & I am on picquet tonight so I think I had better quit - the sun is just setting now & I suppose at home it morning yet. When I will be on duty from two till four in the morning I will be thinking of you all at home before a nice warm fire - we will have German bombing plains overhead to keep us warm!

With love for all

from Bill

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