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Date: September 8th 1917
Bill Calder


Sept 8th

My Dear Father:

Just a line tonight before I role in to let you know that things are still going fine. I suppose that Mamma is in Nova Scotia now & you are out taking your morning walk on the ranch - I wish I was there also but with a little more good luck I think I aught make it all right by next fall: what do you think?

Isn't Fritz getting a fine kick in the ____ these days & the best of it is that we are just about starting. It is fine to be alive just now to see him getting his own back - although when one sees our own brave infantry lads stretched out here & there on the battle field it looks pretty tough & makes one realize what an awful war this is, but they all died like men with a hot rifle & a redder bayonet in their hands.

We are having kind of nasty weather just now - hot, cold, rain & hail alternately about four times a day, but there is not enough rain to make things very muddy & it is a great deal better than the extreme heat we had last month, a man can do something now without sweatting his head off.

I had a letter from John & a couple from Mamma written while you were at the coast, yesterday; I wrote a letter to Mamma last night & sent it to the Ponds in case she is in N.S. now. John told me about his leave also the girl at Blackburn - he said it was very hard to keep the "old passion" in check! I'm damned if I could even (it is dark so excuse the writing) see what he saw in that girl - could you?

I have been on the road since early morning & am pretty tired just now so I think I had better role in. I still have the Gass Mask & am waiting an opportunity to get it rapped up & censored by a special office (McLean) who is on leave now. Will add a line tomorrow.

Sunday 9th - 9 A.M.

I have been left in today so am going to make the best of it & get some letters away that I have been owing for weeks. It is a nasty cold windy day a good one to be inside a nice warm house waiting of lunch which should concist of steak & baked potatoes with pickled peaches - that would go pretty good don't you think.

Our boys brought up a big Naval gun last night & put it in action right close to our lines - every body was cussing at them, because every time it fired it nearly kicked us out of bed - I suppose Fritz will start in searching for it this afternoon - one of his machines was over early this morning photographing.

We are getting fed real good now no shortage at all & good grub - lots of baked beans, rice, & fresh meat once a day with new potatoes in ordinary times our grub is usually 50% canned beef & canned vegetables & ect.

Well I have three more letters to write (they will be darn short) & some clothes to wash this morning so I think I will get busy & light a fire.

Hoping that this finds you in the best of health.

With love from


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