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Date: June 7th 1915
Bill Calder
John D. dePencier

Monday 7th 1915

Dear Bill:-

You will think we have forgotten you, but I was out all day yesterday and had no time to write. Glad to hear you are getting along alright Bill. Thanks for your long letter. (You'll be saying something about those short sentences.) Bogar is taking us in French now. I am ment to be doing History as I am not taking French this year. The McGill Exams come off next Monday and I am wondering if I will pass in anything.

Did you hear anything about that Picture of Dick, Bogar missed it on Sunday night. I wrote you about it to Kamloops but I guess you never received that letter.

Tom has told you how things went so I won't. Bogar ran around after Barney and tried to put in his d___ say now and again (Detective Willis) as Tom has said went all over the joint on his bike. He went down and telegraphed. Please excuse this rotten paper but you know the cercumstances.

I guess you have heard that Harvey was capured and wounded, if you care to write him this is his address.

Prisoner of War
Capt. R. V. Harvey
7th Canadians No 3 Coy
Reserve Lazarett
bie Cassell

Kil has those badges for the Gym Eight and I told him you wanted one (I don't know if you still do) if so you had better drop Kil a line. He wrote you to Kamloop, he thought it was a d____ foolish thing for you to beat it.

I droped Corsans letter in the water so excuse the durt on it.

As ever Your Friend

John D. dePencier.

P.S. I will send you a decent letter some time.

P.S. wish you were here, I miss talking to you at night. Good Luck

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