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Date: November 30th
Bill Calder
John D. dePencier

Nov. 30th

Dear Bill:

Your gift is pretty nice, Eh? Pull the bullet out and it's a pencil on the other end.

I'm damn sorry I've not written for such a Hell of a time, but I though you owed me a letter.

Things are rather quiet around here, we've had only two matches, as Barney won't let us enter the intermediate league, (says we are too light).

Both our matchs were against the High School. The first resulted in a draw (6 - 6). In the second we were more fortunate and won by a score of (9 - 0) [three tries].

There are only two teams in the intermediate league this year. High and a team called
"Non Discripts." Cutler, Hayland etc.

Tom says he is going through your town by day this time and he hopes he will be able to see you.

The rink has been open for some time here, but I've not had a skate as yet.

We are going to have "Handy Andy" as our play this term, I've got a part in it. Dobson is chief actor acting "Andy". Perhaps you've read the book.

Well Bill I hope to see after Christmas, you'll let me know what date to expect you and I'll endevour to amuse you but you'll have to put up with the praying.

We'll have a fair time I think.

Your Old Friend

John D. dePencier

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