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Date: August 24th 1916
Bill Calder

County Court
The Government of the province of British Columbia

August 1916

My dear Bill -

Your letter to Mamma with your photo came yesterday and we were both very pleased with the picture and letter. Mamma was particularly happy (?) your (?) of Young Parke's shameful Fall. - the Skunk that he is he (?) do his own (?) and wishes to paint others as black as himself - His latest romance is telling Mrs. (?) that he has need to enlist but that the Doctors turned him down for some obscure unpublishable defect - Bob (?) told her he was lying. I guess he wished to (?) the idea that he is cut or maimed some ways - Bob Tait has (?) all right this (?).

Dave another Chinaman have bean busy stacking hay and oats since Monday - We shall plenty feed this year - terrible heavy crop of Timothy & clover on the bottom - and Dave certainly made a good job of culling it - He is making a stack of it in a dry spot by the river. It would take too much time now to take it to the stable - and move (?) (?) when making chicken house (?) road and also crowded it so that the rock could (?) get through.

Mamma and I were to town yesterday - she to red cross - It was (?) hot.

We were there Monday also special to get of the box of (?) and music book in time to catch you - that show hat you have on in the picture looks very comfortable- I saw (?)(?) in Ashcroft yesterday - in (?) - on leave evidently - he has not such a belly on him as he used to have.

Pee Wee is pretty important now - he cuts his hair (?) style - and he wears a silk shirt (?)(?) neck open and sleeves rolled up to the shoulders and peg top pants - showing a prominent (?) bottom. (?) is home working at Dumonds, but only for his vacation _____.

I have really nothing to say today - I am glad you are (?)(?)(?) one of the pipes. Be sure to give me particulars of piping news - I am always glad to hear of (?) ________ You look real skookum in the picture - short grub does not seem to have hurt you.

Your Papa

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