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Date: June 10th 1916
Bill Calder

6.30. A.M.
Ashcroft BC

June 10 -1916

My dear Bill,-

It is just a week yesterday since we saw you off and it seems like a year. It was hard to see you go Bill dear and we have felt very much alone since - we have had guests and have not been alone, but no body can take your place, and now you seem so far away, and soon I suppose you will be much farther.

John was home from Tuesday until Friday morning of this week. He said, that he enquired about troop trains but could find out nothing - and said any other morn - he would have been up - but slept that morning until seven - He seemed cross at himself - He got your card all right - he have had three cards from you - The last one didn't say where you were, but you had just finished scrubbing car floors & said you would be at Petawawa (?) day a 3 A.M. I do hope that you arrived safely and that you are well and happy - we are as anxious to hear from you & hope to hear by Monday - Papa and Dave are going into town this afternoon (?) Ford - Dorothy Parke & Arthur came down on Wednesday Dorothy is staying here - They are going up home to day - we took them into picture shows Wednesday night - And to Red Cross tea on Thursday - (Red Cross (?) on account of court) & back again to picture show Thursday night - It helped out to have John home -

Papa hasn't been feeling very good the last few days. Has been doing too much - Victor rolled his blankets & left us yesterday - He made an awful mess of digging the ditch - The water won't (?) at all, paid to attention to the (?) - Alice took it into her head to have another holiday - went away Tuesday night & just returned this morning - must go now & have some breakfast. The others are not up but I cannot wait any longer - Am glad that papa is sleeping - Had a card from (?), was on six day leave to London & Smith was there (?) time & they didn't know it -

Well Dorothy and Arthur got away. Am glad that you liked the chicken - Don't forget to write to Mrs. Armstrong. (Mrs. Angus Armstrong)

Pauline wrote and asked me for one of your photos in uniform - will send her the snaps - I wonder if you could get a some nice photos taken in uniform at Petawawa - It still keeps cold & dreary here. John bought new tire for (?) in town & put it on left front - And this A.M. it was flat. The other night coming home from town. Soon after leaving town John asked Arthur if right front tire was alright. He said it was - but all the way home I thought something was wrong - & when we let Arthur out at (?) gate. Papa asked him to look at right front & sure enough it was flat & all (?) cut - & it was fairly good tire - It was a bit annoying - John will be moving camp end of next week up to the 20 mile. So will likely be home most of time - He has ordered a tandum seat for "Thor" - Would you like a box of eats sometimes - How did the cake go? Was so sorry that I (?) (?) sausages - Had a lot but were not fit to send - Dorothy is very hard to entertain. Have a lot more little chicks, but only one gosling out of 11 eggs - Have 14 turkeys (?) two - Am afraid that I won't be able to go North with Papa - Would like to go but it is hard to leave the fowls - cannot get any responsible person to take charge. Am getting a Chinaman for the garden the beginning of the week -

When you go to England (?) will give you Mrs. Reeves address - now dear pardon this hurriedly written letter - My thinking cap is not good to day -
Much love & hugs from Mamma.

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