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Date: November 30th 1918
Mother and Father

Namur Belgium
Saturday Nov. 30th

My Dear Father & Mother

Well here I am back to the army again & I was darn glad to get back not that my cave was over, but glad that I am finished marching around Belgium here with no blankets to sleep in at night. I crossed from Dover to Claire all that night left there at 7:30 on a "French Seaw Train" Smith will know all about them I took it ten hrs to get to Arras, & we farred through Doui about nine P.M. & then reached Valiniumer at 1 A.M. & stayed all night there. We were turned loose there without any information about our units or anything: there was a fellow by the name of Bryce [?] with me & we headed for Mons & arrived there at 1 P.M. Wednesday by Motor Trucks at four that afternoon we discovered that our unit had farred through Mons at 11 that morning! Well we stayed all night there could not get in a home as the town was full of troops so we slept at railway depot - no blanket & I nearly froze to death however we caught up to them here at Namur last night. Tomorrow we are starting for Srige a three days march & from there we are going to some point in Germany.

There were nine letters waiting for me & three parcels so I had some fed the each was lovely The other parcel was the on from N.S. & oh one from the red cross and a pr of socks from Mabel Crulman.

No I have not seen John yet as we have never benn supporing the 1st Div. lately - that reminds me you have asked me how ither happens to be a 5th Div in France. Well ther is a 5th Art Div. in France but it has no Inf. & litereally [?] we ar Corps Troops on a flying Div. used wherever extras Art. is needed - say if ther 2nd Div is in trouble during an advance the corps art. is sent in to give them extra support - we are a sort of flying column; a all through this sumer fighting we have very seldom slept in the same place and what is mroe the 5th Div. Art was not a Parchendale we were on the Sums - Sa Barre front them.

Say please don't talk Mullijam to me - any person that offers me Mullijam after I get home will get it wrapped around his neck. I have lived on that dope for 3 years now.

I have not heard from John since the 1st of the month - hope we get through all right at Valeneunir & Mons the Field Art. got it pretty bad around the former place.

As you are wise not to let Smith run the motor [?] just yet as anyone is bound to have spills on them & be in quite liable to hurt his by

Say I wont know that place when I get back everyone I went to school with getting married hope they have a girl for me but I won't object a h of a lot if they don't as ther is nothing around there that I ould go very far to see just now anyay!

It is quite possible for Dan Hoover to be in Germany school even if he is a Driver & they might have switched him - they have all kinds of queer things there - no I was never in a School of Germany but I ran handle an 18 hr as good as any overnight they turn out of Witty now - Remember I was there with a unit long before Witty was an Art depot - well in my time Shornecliff Art trained all the draft men (uniforments for France) while Witty handled complete Units & not got everything there in a day - perhaps gun drill in mornings driving or riding school in afternoon ect now do you understand that

Well you will hear from me often now & good letters as there is no [?]
this will be my last time in Namure & I am going up town now with some of the boys "stepping out" as we call it

With love from

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