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Date: June 29th 1942
Millie (Sister) and Rocco

England June 29, 1942
Dear Sis and Rocco,

I got them all, Millie, your letter from May 22, your parcel and also 1,000 cigarettes. And boy am I ever glad, because I haven't had a cigarette from Canada for nearly a month or more. And the food! Wow! Thanks a million. I just got back from London and points south last night. I had a glorious 14 day's leave with pay (of course), and you could have bowled me over with a boogey bee when I got back here at the aerodrome to find about 2 dozen letters, a large box of Lauras from Mike, 300 cigarettes from Furiano's, and 1000 cigs and a parcel from you. It all came at once, so it seems.

I visited Tom. He's sunbathing in the sunny South. I met him in Southampton. Boy, he's brown as a nigger's heel and fit as hell. I'll be able to send him a few more pictures of myself in a week or two.. I guess you know now what a total blackout is like. It's like that over here every day and night of the year. We can see like cats. If we don't we shan't live long.

I spent a week with the Collinses. It was swell. I visited Hampton Court where Henry the Eighth lived. The castle and grounds are simply too beautiful to describe. And Windsor Castle is even more fantastic. It is on a hill and seems to sprawl for miles. Pure white stone, and just like a fairy castle. You could put Casa Loma in the court yard and there are dozens of court yards. I went to Richmond Castle to dance and swim and also to Sudbury for some swimming and dancing and a bit of golf. All these places are on the Thames River. I could go on for hours. But I have many letters to write. So long sis. Cheerio, Rocco.

Your loving bro.