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Date: August 16th 1943
Esther (sister) and Bill

Dear Esther and Brother-in-law,

Everyone is ganging up on me - your letter of March 30th, Maugau, Esther McKnight, Tom and other friends. I knew all about Patti and Marie, Paul and Tom Jr., Ralph, Peter and Mike Jr., Ann always gives me the latest. I assume Bill is turning them off by the millions in his new job. And Donny is pushing a mechanized broom. I hope Patti received my airgraph that was especially for her to read. You said you were sending me a parcel. Thanks Es, I haven't received it as yet but I do hope there are not chocolates or candies in it or even cakes because a six month trip in temperatures around 115 degrees spoils them and ruins the other things in the same parcel. Films (127), razor blades, toothpaste, shaving cream, all very, very expensive over here. I am out on the desert now, in perfect health and very well fed.

Love to mom and all the kids,