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Sgt. Thomas Scandiffio, enlisted after being called to bar here.

Well known in legal and sporting circles in West Toronto, Sgt. Thomas Scandiffio, aged 30, of 31 Yarmouth Gardens is reported missing in air operations overseas.

Born in West Toronto, Sergt. Thomas Scandiffio was educated at De La Salle, St. Michael's College, University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall. On graduation from Law school he enlisted in the R.C.A.F. in June 1941. He was called to the Bar before going overseas.

Sgt. Scandiffio received his preliminary training at Manning Pool, Malton and Camp Borden and went Overseas May 1, 1942. His younger brother Flight Sergeant Francis Scandiffio is with the R.C.A.F. in India.


There isn't a prouder mother in all of Canada than Mrs. M. Scandiffio, 31 Yarmouth Gardens, whose two airmen sons are doing their share for the cause of freedom overseas.

They are Sergeant Francis Scandiffio, 28, a hurricane pilot, now believed stationed on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean and Sergeant Thomas Scandiffio, 30 year old observer, who has been stationed on the island of Malta for the last few months.

Francis has taken part in numerous air battles over the English Channel and at least one enemy plane to his credit. In a letter home he said he was attached to H.M.S. "X." He is a graduate of De La Salle Collegiate.

Thomas attended De La Salle and St. Michael's Colleges, received his Bachelor of Arts degrees at The University of Toronto and alter graduated from Osgoode Hall.

In a recent letter he described a naval battle he had viewed from the air as "a Hollywood cameraman's dream." He remembers the battle as the greatest thrill of his operational career. He is the only R.C.A.F. pilot of his R.A.F. crew flying a torpedo carrying aircraft on Malta.

"An enemy convoy was trying to sneak unnoticed off Lampedusa Island," he wrote, "but was spotted and we had the job of guiding two British destroyers to their quarry. We had a perfect view of the engagement and it was a marvellous thrill."

"Our Naval gunners were much the better however and it was soon over. A big enemy ship was sunk outright and an enemy destroyer pretty badly chewed up, so that it high tailed it back home with the rest of the convoy. The ship that was sunk must have been a troop transport, for the next morning a large number of bodies were seen floating around the area. "

Scandiffio has had other thrills too. During a recent attack on enemy shipping, a burst of flack exploded behind his plane's tail and drove it down to within twenty feet of the sea before the pilot regained control.

"I am very proud of what the boys and what they are doing for Canada." Mrs. Scandiffio told the Telegram, "I earnestly hope and pray they come back to me."

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