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Date: June 20th 1945
Winton George Steel (brother)

LAC Steel, W.G.
R.C.A.F. Station,
Pennfield Ridge, N.B.,

June 20, 1945

Dear Whill;

Though I am on duty, it is raining like a mad bastard so I am taking the liberty of pounding off a few words to me bro.

As a matter of fact, I just returned from a visit to Saint Jesus no so long ago. Everything seems to be going satisfactorily at home. The help situation is desperate and Mother needs it badly. So I am making an effort to bring Gherkin down for the purpose of looking after the house for about a month as she seems to be moderately suitable. I am also trying to get my annual furlough at this time. Se things should work out o.k.

Dick Bauer is home now and is working. He looks much thinner and seems very quiet. EdytheKnox is married now and still shows enough interest in me to seem to want to go out with me, which surprised me a little, not that I mind.

In recent visits home I have taken out two girls who are supposed to be of the ranks of the sophisticated but I was not unduly impressed. The more women I get to know, the harder it is for me to be pleased with ordinary ones. Maybe I ought to start a harem.

Brian is coming along well with his piano. He and I have some great laughs and carryings on when I am home.

Mary K. looks fine. As there is no one to take her to the Doctors Office, she has had to discontinue her eye exercises which I feel is really unfortunate.

Dad is in good spirits but looks tired and I wish there was some way he could get a real rest for a while.

While I was home I looked into the matter of future vocations and have lined up for further investigation the following:

Bank--C.A.'s firm for C.A.--Brokerage firm--Insurance--Dom. Gov't--Queens University for Bachelor of Commerce.

By friends I have been directed to a C.A.'s firm (a better one than that which does the Hospital's books) and to the managers of a Brokerage Company and an Insurance Company.

Naturally, as there is no way I can expect to get my discharge for some time I can only investigate these things. If I can get out this year, however, the situation for the G.D. looks pretty fair.

The bank quoted me a salary in the event of my return to them of about four hundred dollars more than when I left. But both the brokerage and insurance companies can do much better as also would the Gov't Job.

I should like to get as much on the ball as possible for many reasons including the fact that it would please me to be able to have some assistance for you when you return.

Owing to the state of things home, which are improved over last September but still very serious, I am discouraging the expenditure which would be incurred if Brian takes advantage of certain questionable summer camp offers from the organization to which he now belongs.

I am directing thought to the reduction of items of two of our relatives. A plan which will go into effect early in 1946 is now under discussion and brief details are forthcoming at a future date.

There is nothing of any particular interest to report from this station as life here is all routine except for the occasional visit home.

I'll be dropping you a line again, shortly,

Best regards and good luck,


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