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Date: December 30th 1945

9 Wright Street
Saint John, N.B.

Dec. 30th 1945

P.S. Winton has tickets for the New Years ball at the Beatty. Class eh? I don't know the "Bertha" he is taking. Alfred and Ruth have gone home. They were here for Xmas. Bob and his fiance are coming for New Year's/ Al wouldn't come over to see us either for fear he would carry the chicken-pox. I hope you don't turn into an old woman like that. Love, Mom--


Dear Bill,

You were right, we were just picking the bones of our Christmas turkey when your letter arrived the day after. That letter came in record time. It encouraged me to think that you might get our little "box of eats" in time for Christmas after all. It wasn't very much but all I could manage in a very short time. I think we have had two letters from you since I last wrote.

Brian and Geoffrey are recovering from chicken-pox they took it from Mary Kay. Poor Brian missed all the nice part of Christmas school closing and his music party etc. He is able to go out now and is making up for lost time. Geoffrey was quite sick one and was well covered with sores but is coming along fine. The worst of it all was, Bert wouldn't let Roberta come over to help me, and Brian couldn't even go an errand. So lots of things are needed for Christmas, had to be done without for I was housebound too. It is wonderful what one can do if one is forced to.

We are having lovely snowy weather now. Everything is so white and clean, if it would only last, but you know Saint John.

Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Kay have a little son, born on the 16th. weight 8 lbs. 15 oz. name Daryl Loyd. I think this calls for a gift from you and . After all you and Loyd were old pals.

Estey McKim of G.E. Barbour Co. died suddenly on Christmas night. You would remember him?

Brian and Mary Kay had a great Christmas. We got Brian a fair sized chemistry set, wallet books pencils etc. Winton have him a load of stamps. Mary Kay got a big doll and lots of other things. We had the usual full course dinner with all the trimmings which was our highlight. Dad and I cut out the giving this year. I bought a purse two months ago and saved it to put under the tree. Dad finally got his new suit, just in time to see the other one fall apart with age. What a year! M-M-M. I hope 1946 comes a little easier, although we still have a big job to do.

Yvonne sent us some gifts such as earrings Mom bracelet (Mary Kay) Book (Brian) Book (Dad) jacket for Geoffrey and scarf for Winton. All very nice. Thanks to you for your share in them.

On Thursday we will be married twenty-four years. One more to go and we will celebrate our silver wedding and here we have an infant baby! He is a dear little chap and so good. He rarely cries at all. Lil was down for Xmas dinner and due to chicken-pox we didn't have any other company. Yvonne hasn't had it or she would have called on us. She will yet, no doubt. Ken MacDonald called up to wish us a Merry Christmas on your behalf. He sounds like a fine chap. Hope we hear soon again that you had a good Xmas. Happy New Year--

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