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Ronald Francis Broome enlisted in Winnipeg, Manitoba in August, 1940. Broome served overseas during the war with the 3rd Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. The collection currently consists of letters, photographs, his paybook, a regimental history, a copy of The Maple Leaf Scrapbook, and other miscellaneous items.

Ewen Nicholson was born in Grimsay, Scotland in May, 1892, and emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1912. Nicholson enlisted in September of 1914, and served overseas in Belgium and France in 1915 and 1916. He was killed June 3, 1916. The collection currently consists of more than forty letters.

Wilfred Hrnry Stoll was born in July, 1898 in Nottawa, Ontario and enlisted at Collingwood, Ontario in March, 1916. He served overseas in France until he was discharged in 1918 for medical reasons. The collection consists of one photograph and one postcard.

Thomas Edward Brady was born in Lindsay, Ontario in November, 1896. He enlisted in Kingston, Ontario in November, 1914 and served overseas with the Canadian Forestry Corps. Brady died in October, 1918. The collection consists of several photographs of Brady and some postcards.

Clifford Shaver was born in Mountain, Ontario in 1896, one of ten children of William and Jessie Shaver. He enlisted on February 1, 1916, went to England in October of 1916, and then to France in May 1917. He was killed by a shell October 30, 1917 at the age of 21. His body was never recovered and he is commemorated at the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial in Belgium. The collection consists of six letters that he wrote home, three letters of condolence written to his parents and published in the newspaper, as well as several photographs.

This collection consists of letters of the Duff family from 1914 to 1918. It includes letters from Louis Duff, who enlisted in Moose Jaw in 1914, and his brother Cecil, who enlisted in Winnipeg in March, 1916. As well there are letters between Louis and Cecil’s mother Rosa and her sister Lily (Aunt Lily in the correspondence from the brothers), correspondence from Harry Richey, the uncle of Louis and Cecil, and correspondence from Dr. Thomas Leask, related to the Duff family by marriage. The collection consists of thirty-four letters.

Arthur Donovan Corker was born in February, 1894 in Victoria, British Columbia. Corker enlisted in September, 1914 and was part of the First Canadian Contingent. He was serving with the 7th Battalion when he was taken prisoner during the Second Battle of Ypres on April 24, 1915. As a prisoner, Corker attempted to escape six times, was recaptured, and finally succeeded in his seventh attempt in 1918. The collection consists of one letter written shortly after he made his escape to Holland. As well, Corker did an interview in 1983 describing his escape, which is part of the University of Victoria archives. To listen to Corker, click here.

Thomas James Aston was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA in February 1889. Aston enlisted in Toronto, Ontario in July, 1915 and served overseas until his discharge in 1919. The collection currently consists of miscellaneous pages from his paybook.

John Hill Robertson was born in Wellington, British Columbia in June, 1898. Robertson was recruited in October, 1917 and served overseas in England and France until he was demobilized and returned to Canada in 1919. The collection consists of more than thirty letters, as well as postcards, photographs, and his paybook.

Henry Lawrence Davis was born near Ivy, Ontario, in 1913 and joined the RCAF in December 1940. He received his wings in September 1941 and was stationed to England in October 1941. Davis was killed with all his crew in a crash in Wales, May 28, 1942.

Frank Tilbury was born in London, Ontario, in 1877 and enlisted in the 135th Battalion on 13 December 1915; he listed his occupation as musician, and noted that he had previous service in the 26th Regiment and the 1st Hussars. The diaries, which run from August 1916 to August 1917, cover his training in England and his service at the front with the 60th and 116th Battalions.

Victor Arthur Green was born in Kent, England in January, 1895. Green emigrated to Canada prior to the war and enlisted in Victoria, British Columbia in November, 1914 with the 88th Fusiliers. He was wounded three times, including at Vimy Ridge, and was awarded the DCM. The collection currently consists of sections of his pay book, telegrams, a newspaper clipping, several photographs, and an undated memoir of his service experiences.

Frederick William Barnes was born in Birtle, Manitoba in 1895. Barnes enlisted in Winnipeg, Manitoba in January, 1916 with the 61st University Battalion and later served with "C" Coy. 8th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment), and was awarded the Miltary Medal. He was killed August 31, 1918 at the age of 22. The collection consists of one letter written to his sister in August, 1918.

Arthur Bryan Morlidge was from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. He served with the 419 Squadron as a Flying Officer until he was shot down and killed in October, 1942. He is buried in the Netherlands. The collection currently consist of personal correspondence, official correspondence concerning his death, and some photographs.

Stewart Hastings Bull was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1916. He was educated at the University of Toronto and enlisted with the Essex Scottish in 1940. Bull was wounded at Caen, France by a mortar a few months after D-Day. He was hospitalized for several months and never returned to the front. Bull finished with the rank of Major. The collection consists of his memoir of the war transcribed from a recording by Bull in September, 2002 at the age of 86, as well as two photographs of Bull from 1941.

James Stevenson Balfour was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1894 and later attended The University of Saskatchewan. He enlisted in April, 1915 and found himself in France in July, 1915, where he served until wounded in June, 1916. He recovered, returned to duty, and in 1917 joined the Royal Flying Corps as an observer. He later trained as a pilot and had qualified as a flying instructor when the war ended. The collection consists of thirty-five extended letters, twenty photographs and one post card.

Thomas S. Sharland was born in York Township, Toronto, Ontario in June, 1882. Sharland enlisted in Toronto in April, 1915 and served overseas until 1919. The collection consists of four letters, postcards and several photographs.

George Albert Charles Broome was born in London, England in 1897 and emigrated to Melfort, Saskatchewan sometime prior to the war. Broome enlisted in March, 1915. He went to England in the fall of 1915 and then to France early in 1916, where he was wounded. He returned to active duty and was wounded at Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917. Broome was paralyzed and invalided back to England, where he died in a military hospital November 7, 1917, at the age of 20. The collection consists of 27 letters both from and to George Broome, three photographs, and miscellaneous related materials such as telegrams, his personal effect certificate, and his CEF death certificate. The materials cover the period from 1915 to 1921.

Arthur Calvin Smith was born in Dunnville, Ontario in April, 1897. Smith enlisted in February, 1916 in Dunnville, Ontario with the 114th Battalion, Brock's Rangers. While overseas he was transferred to the 19th Battalion. He was wounded in the Battle of Lens August 16, 1917 and died the same day. The collection currently consists of more than forty letters, photographs, postcards, and other miscellaneous items.

Richard Roe was born in Greenock, Scotland in August, 1895. Sometime prior to the war he moved to Victoria, British Columbia where he was employed as a carpenter. Roe enlisted in Victoria, British Columbia on March 12, 1915 and served overseas with the 28th Battalion. Roe was killed on October 8, 1915 by the accidental discharge of a rifle from his own troops. The collection consists of one letter of condolence to his parents.

Robert Gordon Brown was born in Beamsville, Ontario in March, 1896, and enlisted at Kingston, Ontario in January, 1916 while a student at Queen's University. He went overseas in 1916 as a gunner but later joined the Royal Flying Corp, with which he served until the end of the war. He returned to Canada in 1919 and finished his education, graduating from Queen's in 1920. The collection consists of more than one hundred letters covering the period from 1916 to 1919, as well as diaries and photographs from his service.

Earl Bolton was born in Ingersoll, Ontario in 1889 and then later moved to Detroit, Michigan where he was employed as a grinder. He returned to Canada and enlisted in London, Ontario in February, 1918. Bolton saw service in France beginning in August, 1918. He was wounded and died October 9, 1918. The collection currently consists of three letters.

Robert Hale was born in England in 1893 and emigrated in his late teens to Canada, where he settled in Montreal. He enlisted in February of 1915 and served overseas until his discharge in 1919, being wounded three times during his service. The collection consists of more than forty letters written in 1915 and 1917 to his sweetheart Alice, whom he was to marry in 1920.

David Pool was born in Annan, Scotland in October, 1888. He emigrated to Canada and resided in Blaine, Saskatchewan until he enlisted in May, 1916 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan with the 232nd Battalion. David Pool was serving with the 5th Canadians when wounded in August, 1918, and he died in a military hospital in September, 1918. His older brother William Pool was born in Annan, Scotland in March, 1884. He joined the CEF in January, 1918 in Calgary, Alberta. William Pool was serving with the 10th Battalion at the time of his death in September, 1918. The collection currently consists of two letters from David, one photograph, a Christmas card, remembrance cards for both brothers, and death notices for both brothers.

Albert James Gilmore was born in Wooster, Ohio in February, 1884. He later lived in Toronto, Ontario where he worked as a linotype operator for the Toronto Star. Gilmore enlisted in Toronto in August, 1915. He served overseas with the Canadian Field Artillery and was killed September 15, 1918. The collection consist of one letter, a photograph of Gilmore, and a newspaper death notice.