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Harold Gregg Keating was born in Kemptville, Ontario in February, 1892. Keating enlisted with the 72nd in Vernon, British Columbia in June 1915, and served overseas with the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade. He was awarded the MM. The collection currently consists of numerous photographs and postcards, as well as some miscellaneous items.

Donald Calderwood Reid was born in Middle Musquodobit, Nova Scotia in January, 1895. Reid enlisted in May, 1916 and served overseas with the 85th Overseas Battalion, the Nova Scotia Highlanders. He was killed September 25, 1918.

Albert Norman Gould was born on July 19, 1923, the son of Albert and Dorothy Gould of Toronto, Ontario. He enlisted with the RCAF in early 1943. Following his training in Canada, Pilot Officer Gould was posted overseas in 1944. Gould was flying with the 101st Squadron when he and his crew were shot down over Speck, Germany on November 4, 1944. He and his crew are buried at the Rheinberg War Cemetery in Germany. The collection currently consists of thirty-seven letters.

This collection currently consists of one letter written in 1943 to Tom Paterson from his father while Tom was serving in Italy.

William Menzies McLeish was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1891. He emigrated to Canada sometime prior to World War One, where he lived in St. Verdun, Quebec and worked as a clerk. McLeish enlisted in September, 1914, served overseas, and was taken prisoner sometime prior to December, 1917, based on information in a Red Cross Letter. He remained a prisoner of war for the duration until repatriated back to England. The collection consists of one letter from the Red Cross, photographs from England, and photographs and musical programs from the prisoner of war camp.

Like other Women's Institutes across Canada, the Stony Plain Women's Institute of Alberta was an important link between the soldiers overseas and the homefront. Through their members they contributed financial aid to organizations such as the Red Cross as well as sending parcels to overseas soldiers. The collection consists of thank-you letters from soldiers, acknowledgement cards for parcels, receipts for the Institute's donations to the Red Cross, and miscellaneous correspondence.

Joseph Richard Boucher was born in Kent County, New Brunswick, in December, 1885. Boucher enlisted in March, 1915 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He served overseas and was wounded twice before returning to Canada in 1919. The collection currently consists of a family record and a diary of his service.

Arthur Westwood was born in Toronto, Ontario in November, 1896. Westwood enlisted with the 75th Bn. CEF in Toronto, Ontario in August, 1915. The collection currently consists of one letter, his discharge papers, and a Christmas Day 1917 menu.

Gladys Hope Sewell Ross was born in Hastings, Ontario and trained as a nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. She graduated in 1914. At the outbreak of WWI she volunteered as a nurse at the Hospital for Soldiers in Orpington, England. It was at Orpington that she met her future husband, Dr. James Wells Ross, whom she married in 1915. The collection consist of several photographs and scans of her medals. See also the James Wells Ross collection for WWI (her husband) and the Colin Sewell Ross collection for WWII (her son).

Harold Monks' attestation papers state that was born in England in 1893 (although his birth certificate indicates he was born in 1892). He emigrated to Canada in the spring of 1914 where he worked as a rancher prior to the war. Monks enlisted in April 1917 in Victoria, B.C and served overseas as a gunner and signaller until his discharge in May 1919. This collection consists of multiple photographs, handbooks, pay books, Monks' personal memorandum books, and other materials from his service and life after the war.

James Howard Bennett was born in Spencerville, Ontario in 1894, enlisted in February, 1916, and served overseas in France. The collection consists of more than three dozen letters covering the period 1916 to 1918.

Arthur Louis Sedgwick was born in November 1920, the son of Thomas and Jane Sedgwick of Toronto, Ontario. Sedgwick was a pilot with the 419 Squadron during the war. On the night of November 18, 1943 he was flying a Halifax on a return mission from Mannheim when the plane went into a dive. Sedgwick remained at the controls while the rest of the crew evacuated safely, but was unable to escape himself before the plane crashed. He was twenty three years of age at the time of his death. The collection currently consists of more than twenty letters, as well as photographs and miscellaneous documents.

Robert, Charles, and George Rooke were born in England and moved with their parents William and Hannah Rooke to Saskatchewan to homestead. Robert Percy Rooke, age twenty-two, enlisted in Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 9, 1900 with the Lord Strathcona's Horse. His brother Charles Winn, age twenty-four, also enlisted on January 9, 1900 with the Lord Stathcona's Horse. Both served in South Africa and returned to Canada early in 1901. They both re-enlisted with the Canadian Mounted Rifles, along with their brother George Cyril, age twenty, who enlisted in December, 1901, and served in South Africa until the end of the war. The original letters have been donated by the family to the National Archives in Ottawa. The collection consists of more than 40 letters written by the brothers to their family back in Canada.

James Simeon Bicknell was born in Birmingham, England in August, 1888. Bicknell emigrated to Canada sometime before the war, residing in Calgary. He enlisted in December, 1914 in Calgary, Alberta and served overseas with the 50th Battalion. The collection currently consist of his paybook, a notebook, and his discharge certificate.

Duncan Wallace Livingstone was born in Asbestos, Quebec in May, 1895. Livingstone enlisted in March, 1915 and served overseas as a Lance Corporal with the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Livingstone was killed at Passchendaele on October 30, 1917. The collection consists of photograph of Livingstone and a letter of condolence concerning his death.

John Newton was born in Limehouse, Ontario in 1887. He attended The University of Toronto where he was the captain of the University of Toronto football team that won the first Grey Cup in 1909 and then coached the Toronto Argonauts for three years prior to the war. Newton enlisted in May, 1916 and served overseas with the Canadian Field Artillery until the end of the war. He was awarded the Military Cross for actions on September 30, 1918. The collection consists of two letters to his wife, several photographs, and his diary from 1916 to 1918.

Clarence Reginald Gass was born in Bayfield, Nova Scotia in April, 1894. He enlisted in Halifax in November, 1915 and served overseas until the end of the war. The collection consists of more than forty letters, as well as photographs, telegrams and miscellaneous items related to the 85th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders) with whom he served.

Ronald MacKinnon was born on 27 August 1893 and enlisted in Toronto on September 10, 1915, serving first with the 81st Battalion. The unit went overseas in April 1916, but was broken up to reinforce other battalions, with Ronald being transferred to the Royal Canadian Regiment. He reached France in June, and shortly thereafter was wounded in the fighting at Sanctuary Wood, near Ypres. In November 1916, he was passed fit for duty and was posted to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Private Ronald MacKinnon was killed in action at Vimy Ridge on April 9 -10, 1917. The collection currently consists of thirty nine letters and two photographs. See also the collections of his uncle William and his brother Archibald MacKinnon.

Bertam Howard Cox was born in the Barbadoes in 1894. He emigrated to Canada and prior to the war and worked as a bank clerk in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cox enlisted in Winnipeg in March, 1916. The collection consists of nearly forty letters from 1916 to 1919.

Norvin Smith Crawford served with the 8th Princess Louise's (New Brunswick) Hussars, R.C.A.C., 5th Canadian Armoured Division as a tank driver. Crawford was killed in Italy on September 1, 1944 at the age of 28. The collection currently consists of one photograph of Crawford and one letter from his commanding officer to Crawford's fiance Grace Fulton describing the circumstances of his death.

Allan Hamm was born in Bunbury, Prince Edward Island in July, 1897. He worked as a carpenter prior to his recruitment in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in 1917. The collection consists of more than seventy letters, as well as photographs, postcards, telegrams, and other items.

The Women's Alliance of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto sent packages of food and other items to members of the congregation serving overseas. The collection consists of twelve letters of thank you from recipients to the Women's Alliance for the items they received.

Thomas Marion was born in Toronto in 1894. He was a student in Montreal at the time of his enlistment in November, 1916. Marion was a member of the Irish Canadian Rangers and served overseas where he was wounded. The collection consists of one letter from hospital describing his wounding. The actual date of the letter is unclear. Although it is dated 1915 would be likely 1917 or possibly 1918, given that he did not enlist until 1916.

George Hedley Kempling was born June 1, 1884 in Toronto, Ontario and enlisted in Toronto, Ontario in August, 1915. He survived the war and returned to Canada in 1919. The collection consists of his diary entries from July 12, 1916 to October 7, 1916.

Levi Dendoff was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia in October, 1898. Dendoff enlisted in Nanaimo with the 102nd Battalion in February, 1916 and served overseas until his return to Nanaimo at the end of the war. The collection currently consists of more than a dozen postcards, some photographs, and images of a trench art souvenier.