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Andrew Ernest Tait was born in Durham, England in February, 1879. Prior to the war he emigrated to Canada and enlisted in May, 1916 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Tait served overseas with the 72nd Battalion until his death in March, 1918. The collection currently consists of eight letters, one photograph, and one miscellaneous item.

Herbert D'Alton Bolster was born in Lancaster, Ontario and later moved to Saskatchewan where he worked as a teacher and later as a railway mail clerk. He enlisted in September, 1914, served overseas until he was discharged in 1918, and then returned to Moose Jaw in 1919. The collection consists of one letter and one photograph.

John William Fraser was born in Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec in April, 1896. Fraser enlisted in Montreal in September, 1915 and served overseas first with the 73rd Battalion and then later with the 85th Battalion. The collection consists of one letter written to his father from Fraser's commanding officer about his son as a soldier.

James Henderson Fargey was born in Belmont, Manitoba in December, 1897. He enlisted in July, 1915 in Winnipeg and served overseas with the 43rd Battalion. Fargey was killed in action October 15th, 1916. The collection currently consists of more than eighty letters, as well as photographs, postcards, telegrams, and other miscellaneous items.

Alexander Matheson was born on Prince Edward Island in 1890 and later moved to British Columbia where he worked as a logger. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in January, 1918. Matheson served in France and was killed October 10, 1918. The collection consists of seven letters written by Matheson.

George Bland was born on a Manitoba farm in 1919. He worked for Kraft Foods before applying to be part of the RCAF Aircrew in 1941. He was asked to join a "Secret Project" as a Radar Mechanic, and worked in the U.K. and India until the summer of 1945. He returned to Canada, where he married and had three sons, and became the Vice-President of Kraft Foods before retiring in 1984. The Collection consists of letters, photographs,and his own personal recollections, and other miscellaneous items.

Elwood Silverman Greenleese was born in Thurso, Quebec in 1899 and enlisted in Montreal in September, 1916. Greenleese died in 1922. The collection consists of four letters and one photo.

George Morton Bird was from Port Alberni, British Columbia. He enlisted in 1915 and went overseas in the spring of 1916 with the 62nd Battalion. Bird was killed in France on May 6, 1917 at the age of 26. The collection consists of more than fifty letters written by Bird.

Hadden William Ellis was born in Dundas County, Ontario in March, 1894. He moved west to Weno, Calgary, Alberta and was a student at the time of enlistment. Ellis enlisted in April, 1916 in Calgary, Alberta. He served overseas with the Canadian Light Horse until his death on September 24, 1917. The collection currently consists of thirty letters, photographs, and some miscellaneous documents.

This collection consists of more than 30 letters, as well as news items and editorials, originally published in the Dutton Advance newspaper in Ontario. These are letters home from soldiers overseas to family and community, spanning the years 1900 to 1944, which offer a unique glimpse of the ties between the soldiers and their homes. The dates indicated for the letters are those on which the letters were published in the newspaper, not the date of writing. Original headings and commnents at the time of publication have been retained.

James Bond Bell was born in Drew, Ontario in 1921 and joined the RCAF in 1940. He participated in more than twenty raids before he was killed over France on the night of April 18th -19th, 1944. The collection includes forty letters either from James or official correspondence relating to his death. See also the correspondence of his brothers Elmer David Bell and William Robert Bell.

Lancelot de Sausmarez Duke was born in Ceylon in October, 1896. He was educated in England and Canada and moved to Victoria, British Columbia, where his father was a doctor. Duke initially enlisted with the 88th Battalion, Victoria Fusiliers, in May 1915. Duke then transferred to the Royal Flying Corps with whom he served until the end of the war. He flew with the 84th Squadron and was awarded the D.F.C. The collection currently consists of letters from Duke, photographs, and his diary from 1918.

David McLean was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1880. He emigrated to Canada sometime prior to the war and enlisted in Toronto, Ontario on January 16, 1916. McLean served overseas in France with the 48th Highlanders and was killed April 20, 1917, leaving behind a wife and infant son. David McLean appears to have been a prolific letter writer for according to his 1916 Vest Pocket Reference Annual where he noted each letter, he sent over 150 letters and other forms of notes from August 31, 1916 alone. It is also noted that from November 17, 1916 onwards he received 55 letters and packages. The collection consists of more than fifty letters and one photograph.

William Lester Broome was born in Renfrew County, Ontario in June, 1897. He was farmer in Saskatchewan before he enlisted in Winnipeg, Manitoba in April, 1917. The collection consists of ten letters, some postcards, and one photograph of Broome.

James Henry Holt was born in Manchester, England in October, 1892. Prior to the war he emigrated with his family to Victoria, British Columbia. Holt enlisted in December, 1914 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and served under the name of James Henry. He was the older brother of Harold Holt. Holt served in France with the 25th Battalion until his death in October, 1916. The collection currently consists of a memorial ribbon commemorating his death, and a photograph of his grave.

Noble John Jones was born in Owen Sound, Ontario and enlisted for service in South Africa in October, 1899 at the age of 27. Jones served in South Africa until he was discharged in November, 1900 having completed his year of service. The collection consists of more than forty letters from Jones to his family members back in Canada.

Robert Davis was born in London, England in 1896 and enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in London, in September, 1915. Davis served in France and he was killed April 9, 1917 in the assault on Vimy Ridge. The collection consists of two letters and one photograph.

Henry Rumsey was born in Montreal in February, 1897. He enlisted at Montreal in March, 1916 and served overseas in France. The collection consists of one photograph of him in 1916 and one poem he wrote in France in 1917.

William Hill Johnson was born in Montreal, Quebec in March, 1893. Johnson enlisted in Montreal in June, 1915 and served in France until he was wounded in the summer of 1917. The collection consists of seventeen letters, his diary, photographs, and some postcards.

Alfred Frank Warn was born in Christchurch, Hampshire, England in November, 1889. Prior to the war Warn emigrated to Canada. He enlisted with the 75th Battalion in August, 1915 at Niagara-on-the-Lake. The collection currently consists of one photograph of Warn.

Gordon Alexander DeGear was born in Battleford, Saskatchewan in 1891. Prior to the war DeGear had served in the Saskatchewan Light Horse and enlisted for overseas service at Battleford in May, 1915. He served in France and returned to Canada in 1919. When completed the collection will consist of more than one hundred letters from DeGear to his family.

Montague Temple was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1907, served overseas during World War Two, and died in Vancouver in 1989. The collection consists of one letter written overseas in 1944.

Frances Charman was born in Joggins, Nova Scotia. After graduating from Aberdeen hospital in 1926, she nursed briefly in Truro, Nova Scotia before joining the staff of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She enlisted with the United States Nursing Corps in 1942. After service overseas during WWII with the rank of Captain she returned to work at the Massachusetts General. The collection consists of more than forty letters written between 1942 to 1945.

Sydney Amyas Winterbottom was born in Calgary, Alberta in June, 1896. He was a student at the time of his enlistment in Vernon, British Columbia in July, 1915. Winterbottom served overseas with the 29th Battalion until his death on November 6, 1917. The collection consists of more than sixty letters written by Winterbottom, as well as several photographs.

George Byron Bennett was born in July, 1897 in Spencerville, Ontario. Bennett joined the CEF in early 1918 and was sent overseas to England in 1918. The collection currently consists of two letters written by Bennett.