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Louis Wilfred Mullen was born in Cove Head, Prince Edward Island in April, 1896. Mullen previously was a member of the militia before he enlisted in February, 1916 in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the No. 11 Overseas Field Artillery Brigade Ammunition Column. He served overseas with the 43rd Battery until his return to Canada at the end of the war. The collection currently consists of his photograph album containing over one hundred photographs, a letter, postcards, and other miscellaneous personal items.

Walter Fick was born on the Isle of Man in April, 1884. Sometime prior to the war he emigrated to Canada and worked in Toronto, Ontario as a conductor on the Toronto Street Railway. Fick enlisted in Toronto on May 1, 1916. He served with the 21st Battalion (Eastern Ontario Regiment). Fick died in hospital in England in 1918. The collection consists of one letter to his wife Mona, several Red Cross letters, two telegrams, and three photographs.

Arthur John Cook was born in Chelmsford, England in 1892 and emigrated to Canada prior to the war. Cook enlisted in Edmonton, Alberta in November, 1914. He served overseas until the end of the war. The collection currently consists of his 1918 diary and one photograph.

Arthur Lewis Fernyhough was born in Fenton, Stoke on Trent, England in September, 1890. Prior to the war he emigrated to Canada, where he worked as a butcher. Fernyhough enlisted in Winnipeg, Manitoba in December, 1915 with the 144th Battalion. The collection currently consists of photographs, postcards, his paybook, the Returned Soldiers' Handbook, the 144th Winnipeg Rifles Song Book, and other miscellaneous items.

Walter Earnest Peter Flett was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1887. Flett played with the Toronto Argonauts in the 1907 season and was the league leading scorer with 29 points. During the war Flett served in the RNAS with the No.3 Naval Wing. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Cross de Guerre in 1917. The collection consists of more than twenty letters from 1916 through to 1917.

Edward Porter was born in Norfolk, England in August, 1889. Prior to the war he emigrated to Toronto, Ontario, where he enlisted in November, 1915. The collection currently consists of his paybook.

Gordon Rae MacKay was born in Findlay, Manitoba in 1893 and later moved to Biggar, Saskatchewan. MacKay enlisted in March, 1916 with the 46th Canadian Infantry. He was sent overseas in November, 1916 and arrived in France in April, 1917. In June of 1917 he was wounded and spent time in hospitals in France and England before being returned to Canada in early 1918 where he spent further time in hospital before being discharged. The collection consists of more than 70 letters written by MacKay home to his family in Saskatchewan.

Robert Hainsworth was born in England in June, 1885. Prior to the war he emigrated to western Canada, where he enlisted in Red Deer, Alberta in January, 1915. The collection consists on one letter written by Hainsworth in 1916, and one photograph.

Elmer David Bell was born in Drew, Wellington County, Ontario in 1909. Elmer was practising law when he enlisted in the army in 1941. He served overseas until 1945 and was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Order of the Crown (Belgium) as a result of his service. He returned to Canada at the end of the war and died in 1998. The collection includes fifteen letters from Elmer. See also the correspondence from his brothers James Bond Bell and William Robert Bell.

George Steele was born in England in April, 1889 and emigrated with his brothers to Canada sometime in 1911 or 1912. He enlisted in September, 1914. His brother Terrence Steele was born in Pickworth, England in October, 1894, and emigrated with his two brothers to Canada sometime in 1911 or 1912. He enlisted in Kingston, Ontario in November, 1914. The collection consists of three photographs.

Sarah Ellen Arnold worked at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, England during the war. While there she kept a journal in which she asked the patients to write. After the war Sarah married John Harold Bridgeman, one of the Canadian soldiers she had nursed.

Cullen Hay Perry was born in Whitby, Ontario in 1898 and enlisted in the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada on August 12, 1914. Perry went to Europe with the First Canadian Contingent where he was wounded in the Battle of St. Julien, wounded again in 1916, and wounded a third time at the Battle of Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917. After recovering from his wound, Perry joined the Royal Flying Corps, and his letters represent his training time in England, then on to France, and finally to Alexandria, Egypt where he was stationed. On February 3, 1918 Perry was killed in a plane crash in Alexandria, and was buried in the Chatley Cemetery in Alexandria. The biographical information for Perry has been extracted from Chronicles of a County--Whitby Past and Present (1999) by Brian Winter, Town of Whitby Archivist. This collection consists of seven letters written by Cullen Perry home to his mother in Whitby, Ontario, and one photograph.

Wayne Arnold enlisted in December, 1942 in Calgary, Alberta. Arnold arrived in England in October, 1943, participated in the D-Day landing in June, 1944, and then returned to Canada at the end of the war. The collection consists of a memoir written by Arnold following his return to Canada. Arnold died in October, 2004.

This consists of a letter written home by Val "Max" Rimer to his mother, December 1943 from Italy. Also included is a postcard depicting the Queen Elizabeth, the ship which took Rimer to Europe and brought him home to Canada.

Daniel Serrick was born in Jollimore, Nova Scotia in September, 1920. In 1938 Serrick went to England and joined the Manchester Regiment, serving with 'B' Company until his evacuation from Dunkirk in June, 1940. He then transferred to the British Commandos and then to the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in July, 1942. From there Serrick volunteered for the joint American and Canadian The First Special Service Force and was killed in the Italian campaign on May 29, 1944. Daniel Serrick is buried in the Beach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Italy. The collection consists of one letter to his sister as well as several photographs.

David Pool was born in Annan, Scotland in October, 1888. He emigrated to Canada and resided in Blaine, Saskatchewan until he enlisted in May, 1916 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan with the 232nd Battalion. David Pool was serving with the 5th Canadians when wounded in August, 1918, and he died in a military hospital in September, 1918. His older brother William Pool was born in Annan, Scotland in March, 1884. He joined the CEF in January, 1918 in Calgary, Alberta. William Pool was serving with the 10th Battalion at the time of his death in September, 1918. The collection currently consists of two letters from David, one photograph, a Christmas card, remembrance cards for both brothers, and death notices for both brothers.

James Stokesbury Thorpe was born in Iowa, U.S.A. in January, 1889 and emigrated to Canada in the pre-war years. Thorpe enlisted in July, 1915 at Vernon, British Columbia and served as a Lieutenant in the Canadian Machine Gun Corps. Thorpe was killed on June 13, 1916 and is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery in Belgium. The collection consists of one letter written from Flanders home to his mother and older sister.

Albert James Gilmore was born in Wooster, Ohio in February, 1884. He later lived in Toronto, Ontario where he worked as a linotype operator for the Toronto Star. Gilmore enlisted in Toronto in August, 1915. He served overseas with the Canadian Field Artillery and was killed September 15, 1918. The collection consist of one letter, a photograph of Gilmore, and a newspaper death notice.

James Arthur Lindsay was born in Lochwinnoch, Ontario in March, 1893. He enlisted at Ottawa in July, 1915 and served overseas with the 23rd Battery, C.F.A. Lindsay was awarded the Military Medal in October, 1918 during the fighting at Cambrai. He was discharged in May, 1919 and returned to Canada. The collection consists of three letters, a Christmas 1918 program and menu, a letter of appreciation from the Lochwinnoch Branch of the U.F.O., and one photograph.

Charles Gordon Shaw was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1895 He later moved to Peterborough, Ontario, where he enlisted with the 247th Bn. C.E.F. in October, 1916 and served overseas with the 3rd Canadian Reserve Battalion. The collection consists of two letters.

Ronald Francis Broome enlisted in Winnipeg, Manitoba in August, 1940. Broome served overseas during the war with the 3rd Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. The collection currently consists of letters, photographs, his paybook, a regimental history, a copy of The Maple Leaf Scrapbook, and other miscellaneous items.

Robert Conners was born in 1890 and lived in Montreal where he worked as a locomotive engineer. He enlisted in Montreal in 1917 and served overseas with the railway battalion. The collection also consists of additional letters from Kelvin, who appears to have been his cousin and who enlisted sometime in 1915. The collection consist of six letters, as well as numerous postcards and photographs.

Ewen Nicholson was born in Grimsay, Scotland in May, 1892, and emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1912. Nicholson enlisted in September of 1914, and served overseas in Belgium and France in 1915 and 1916. He was killed June 3, 1916. The collection currently consists of more than forty letters.

This collection consists of three letters from the Cape Breton region from WWI which are part of the collections of the Beaton Institute, University College of Cape Breton. To Lieutenant James Murphy from his mother, April 2, 1917.  James Murphy was born in Cape Breton (Margaree) in 1893 and worked in coal mine at an early age until he enrolled at St. Francis Xavier to complete his high school education. During his first year at college war broke out and he was selected to go to the Royal Military College where he obtained his commission as Lieutenant. His army career began in 1916, serving at Somme and Vimy Ridge, where he was wounded and received the Military Cross. After the war Murphy moved to the United States and settled in Detroit. He died in 1972.   To Gerald Liscombe from his mother, Mrs. Edward Liscombe, January 17, 1919.   From Alex Morrison to his mother, Bessie Morrison, August 26, 1917.   Alex C. Morrison Alex Morrison was born in Sydney in 1897 and enlisted with the Cape Breton Highlanders 185th Battalion in 1916 and later transferred to the 25th Battalion in 1918. He fought in the battle of Amiens for which he was decorated with the Military Medal. He died in Sydney in 1998 at the age of 100. From Lieutenant Percy Willmot to his sister Dorothy, November 1, 1917