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Walter Ross Lane was born in Belmore, Ontario in April, 1893. Lane was a medical student at his time of enlistment in Toronto, Ontario in March, 1915. He served overseas in France but was discharged on medical grounds in August, 1916. Three of his brothers also served - James Eldon Lane, Robert Wallace Lane, and William Stanley Lane.  The collection currently consists of two photographs and one newspaper article.

Francis Charles Williams was born in Shrewsbury, England in April, 1893. Williams enlisted at Rimouski in October, 1914. The collection consists of his paybook, as well as numerous postcards and photographs.

Norman Ewart was born in Toronto, Ontario in December 1892. Ewart enlisted in September, 1915 and served overseas until his return to Canada following the war. The collection consists of more than 100 postcards sent by Ewart, as well as one letter.

Jack Morris Styles was born in Midland, Ontario in 1925 and joined the R.C.A.F. in 1943. He went overseas in April, 1944 and the letters written home were to his mother and sister while serving with the 426 "Thunderbird" Squadron of the R.C.A.F. Styles was killed on February 3, 1945 when his Halifax bomber crashed while returning from a mission over Germany.

Austin Newton Van Allen was born in Seattle, Washington, USA in 1919. He grew up in Alberta and enlisted with the RCAF in the fall of 1940. Van Allen flew with the 116th Squadron and died on September 9, 1941. The collection consists of more than twenty letters and several photographs.

Herbert (Bert) Hill White was born July 30, 1880 in Grey County, Ontario Canada. Sometime after his father's death in 1895 Bert moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where his brother and mother then resided. He returned to Canada in 1916 and enlisted in October, 1916 as part of the Canadian Railway Battalion. White served overseas as a member of the Canadian Railway Battalion until his return to Canada in 1919. This collection consists of his diary from 1916 to 1919, and one photograph. He died in Ottawa in 1943.

Harold Keith Davey was born in Enterprise, Ontario in July 1897. Davey enlisted with the 4th Battalion Canadian Engineers in Toronto in June of 1916. He served in France before being discharged and returned to Canada in May 1918. This collection currently consists of two diaries, two photograhs, three postcards, and a letter.

David Morrison Stewart was born in Manitoba in 1881, the youngest of eight children. In 1900 Stewart joined The Lord Strathcona Horse in Winnipeg with whom he served in South Africa. Stewart returned to Manitoba and went to war again in 1915 with the 107th Battalion where he saw service in France. David Stewart Morrison died in 1929. The collection consists of his diary entries from April, 1900 to October, 1900.

Lola Passmore was born in 1899 and lived in Peel County, Ontario near the village of Huttonville. Around 1916 she and her family moved into the city of Toronto. The collection consists of twenty-two letters from her male friends from Huttonville written to her during the war. The largest portion (15 letters) is from George Henry Tripp, who was killed May 5, 1917. As well there are letters from John (Jack) Booker and his brother Alex Booker, one from George Edward Manners, and one from her uncle, Dr. James Fraser, a Major who served with the Ambulance Corps.

George Henry Tripp was born in London, England in July, 1897. He emigrated to Huttonville, Ontario and enlisted in July, 1915 at Toronto, Ontario with the 74th Battalion. Tripp served overseas with the 19th Battalion and was killed May 9, 1917. The collection consists of fifteen letters he wrote to his friend Lola Passmore. For more letters to Lola Passmore, see the collection of that name in the WWI collections.

James Claude Whyte was born in Galletta, Ontario in November, 1891. Prior to the war Whyte served with the 99th Manitoba Rangers Band. He enlisted in Brandon, Manitoba in March, 1916 with the 181st and served overseas with the band. The collection consists of his diary of 1917 and early 1918.

Arthur Lawrence Turner was born in Liverpool, England, in 1890 but was living in Lachine, Quebec, when he enlisted in the 148th Battalion in Montreal on 8 March 1916. He was later transferred to the 24th Battalion. The collection consists of twelve letters to a woman he refers to only as Miss Lola.

Herbert Cunliffe was born in Lancashire, England in 1885 and his brother William was born in 1891 and both emigrated to Canada sometime prior to the war. Both brothers, Herbert and William, enlisted at Niagara, Ontario in September, 1915. Herbert was killed October 18, 1916, leaving behind a wife and infant daughter. The collection consists of more than twenty letters from Herbert to his wife, a few letters from William, and two photographs.

Frederick George Pearson was born in Lancashire, England in September, 1894. He emigrated to Canada in 1909 and settled in the Red Deer District. Pearson enlisted in Calgary in July, 1916 and served overseas with the 10th Battalion. The collection currently consists of his diary from 1917.

Raymond Harlan Brewster was born in Boston in 1893 and later moved to Victoria, British Columbia. At the time of his enlistment in May, 1917 his father, Harlan Brewster, was the Premier of the province. Brewster served overseas and was killed November 1, 1918. The collection consist of three letters and four photographs.

Claude Senton was born in Simpson, Saskatchewan in July, 1919. He enlisted with the RCAF in the summer of 1941 and served with the 422 Squadron as a Pilot officer. Senton was killed on May 24, 1944 when his plane was shot down, and is buried in Norway. The collection currently consists of personal correspondence, official correspondence regarding his death, as well as photographs and other miscellaneous items.

Michael Francis Murphy was born February 27, 1894 in St. John's Newfoundland. Murphy enlisted on December 15, 1914 with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment (sevice no. 754), part of the original "C" coy. Murphy served in Gallipoli, Egypt, and France, and returned to Newfoundland at the end of the war. The collection currently consists of two photographs of Murphy and one letter to his daughter. Murphy's complete service file is also available online.

William Wallace Haig Martyn was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in December, 1915. He joined the RAF in 1936 and during the war he flew with Squadron Nos. 802, 758, 759, 760, and 880 and was awarded the DSC. The collection consists of more than 140 letters written by Martyn from 1939 to 1945.

Herbert Percy Blake was born in Victoria, British Columbia in January, 1886. He enlisted at Vernon, British Columbia on October 5, 1915 and served overseas in France. He was killed in action February 27, 1917. The collection consists of two letters written in 1917.

The materials in this collection belonged to Emily Hager, the youngest of a family of nine. Four of her brothers served overseas during WWI. The collection consists of a photograph of her brother Wesley Hager who enlisted in Saskatoon in January, 1916, and was killed in France in November, 1916, a Christmas Day 1917 menu for Canadian troops training in England, and two letters sent to her during the war. One letter is from her brother Allen who was born in February, 1892 and enlisted in November 1914. and the other is from a family friend, Harold Panabaker, who fought at Vimy Ridge and describes in his letter his experiences of the attack.

Melville Thomas Lean was born in Camborne, Ontario in October, 1895. He enlisted in Cobourg, Ontario in December, 1915 and served with the Cobourg Heavy Battery. The collection currently consists of seven letters.

Lawrence Earl Johns was born in Elimville, Ontario in December, 1893. Johns enlisted at Exeter, Ontario on April 11, 1916 with the 161st Huron Battalion, C.E.F. He served overseas with the 58th Battalion and died September 12, 1917. The collection consists of more than one hundred twenty letter as well as a rich visual component of photographs, postcards, and other personal items.

One part of the collection consists of letters written by Harry Clark, Jr., to his mother, Jane (Jennie) Clark, in London, Ontario, after he had enlisted in the Canadian Army. The other letters were received by a distant relative, Kathleen Jackson (ne Hastings), while she was recovering from tuberculosis in London, Ontario. The letters, which describe conditions in wartime Britain, were written by relatives of Kathleen,s father Hugh Hastings, who died while convalescing from wounds sustained in the First World War.

Fred Nickle studied medicine at The University of Toronto and joined the British Navy to serve as a Surgeon Probationer. He served in England and at the end of the war returned to Madoc, Ontario where he practised medicine. The collection consists of eight letters written between 1918 and 1919 to his cousin Helen Davis. Other correspondents to Davis include the Daniel Austin Lane collection, the Gordon Shrum collection, and the William Grassie collection.

This collection consists of three letters written to Canada from a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France, between October 8, 1918 to December 15, 1918. The three letters in the Millbrook Historical Society archives contain no definitive information about who Ralph was nor his relationship to the recipient of the letters, a Mrs. A. S. Kennedy of Winnipeg.