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Joseph Thomas Wright was born in Toronto in 1907. He served overseas in Africa and Europe during the war and then returned to Canada at the end of the war. The collection consists of one letter written to his sister Bea from Italy in September, 1944.

Hart Leech enlisted in Winnipeg in 1914 and served as a lieutenant with the 61st Battalion in France. He was killed in September of 1916 and is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial.. This collection currently consists of four letters.  Three of the letters were written by Leech in 1916 and one by his commanding officer in 1928.  The last letter written by Leech to his mother in September, 1916 was not found until 1928.  There are also two clippings and a photograph.

Joseph Roy Ferguson was born in Innisfil, Ontario in July, 1884. Ferguson enlisted in Toronto, Ontario in October, 1915 with the 4th Overseas University Battalion. The collection consists of one extended letter written on the S.S. Lapland during his voyage to England, and two photographs.

Einar Stefansson Long was born in Iceland in December, 1891. He emigrated to Canada prior to the war and was a student in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Long enlisted in February, 1916 in Winnipeg. He served overseas with the 8th Battalion and was killed on August 9, 1918. The collection consists of one photograph of Long and his friend Gudmunder Gudmundson.

Roy Clarence Armstrong was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in February, 1898 and worked as clerk before enlisting in Winnipeg in March, 1916. Armstrong served overseas with the 78th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) until his death in October, 1917 in the battle for Passchendaele. The collection consists of more than sixty letters, as well as numerous photographs, postcards, and other items.

James LLoyd Evans was born in 1879 in Wales. He served with the British forces in the South African war and following the war he emigrated to Manitoba in 1903. Evans enlisted in Winnipeg in December, 1914, and went overseas in 1915. He was killed in action September 1, 1918. The collection consists of 79 letters and numerous photographs.

Hubert Willliam "Bert" Lovell was born in born in England in November, 1891. Lovell enlisted in Edmonton, Alberta in January, 1916 and served overseas with the 8th Canadian Field Ambulance. The collection consists of two photographs and a transcription of his notes for a speech given at the 8th Canadian Field Ambulance Reunion Dinner in Calgary, 1931.

Frank Clifford Cousins was born on October 24, 1893 in Belmont, Ontario. He began his university studies at the University of Toronto in 1911, and then moved west to the Regina area where he taught school and attended university. Cousins enlisted in Regina, Saskatchewan in July, 1917 and arrived in England in December of that year. In April 1918 he was sent to France where he took part in the Battle of Amiens in August. Later that month he was wounded and sent to England for surgery and to recuperate, and remained in England until the end of the war. Upon returning to Canada he resumed his teaching and his university studies, received his L.L.B. in 1924, and was called to the bar in 1926. He was a partner with the future Prime Minister John Diefenbaker in the firm of Diefenbaker, Cousins & Godfrey. Frank Cousins died in his sleep in June, 1927.This collection consist of ninety letters and other miscellaneous materials.

Archibald "Archie" MacKinnon was born in July, 1894. He first enlisted with the 74th Battalion and later served overseas with the 58th Battalion. MacKinnon was seriously wounded in September, 1916 and discharged as medically unfit in June, 1917. The collection currently consists of twenty letters. See also the collections of his uncle William MacKinnon and his brother Ronald MacKinnon.

Samuel Greenway, from Cedar (Nanaimo) British Colulmbia was born in May, 1889 and enlisted in Vancouver in January, 1918. He served overseas with the 7th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment) until his death in September, 1918. The collection currently consists of fourteen letters, several photographs, telegram, and some official correspondence.

William George Stevens was born on August 7, 1915, the son of George and Beatrice Stevens of St. James, Manitoba. He enlisted with the RCAF and flew with the 106 (R.A.F.) Squadron as a Pilot Officer (Air Gnr.). Stevens was shot down and killed April 27, 1944. The collection consists of two photographs, a pass, and an official letter regarding his status as missing.

John Leslie McNaughton was born in 1886 in Glengary County, Ontario. McNaughton was a graduate of McGill University when he enlisted in June, 1915, and served overseas in France and Belgium. He was wounded and taken prisoner in May, 1917, and remained a prisoner until the end of the war. The collection consists of fifteen letters from 1915 to 1919.

Reverend William Beattie was born in Fergus, Ontario in April, 1873. After his graduation from college in 1900 he moved to Cobourg, Ontario where he was the minister in the Presbyterian Church. Beattie enlisted in September, 1914 and sailed with the first contingent to France as the Chaplain to the First Canadian Brigade, and then later served as the Senior Chaplain of the Second Division. Beattie was created a Commander of St. Michael and St. George in recognition of "...his most conspicuous gallantry and distinguished conduct at the gas attack at St. Julien and through all the subsequent severe fighting of the period. Working unremittingly, with complete disregard to danger, he assisted in collecting wounded on many fields of action."   He later returned to Ottawa in 1918 to organize the Chaplain Service of Canada and was at that time promoted to the rank of Colonel. The collection currently consists of thirty-four letters and two photographs. There are however other Beattie letters in the Cobourg World collection in the Special Items section, as he also sent letters back to the local newspaper for publication.

Winifred Chapman was born in 1900 and worked at the Tankerton Hospital, Kent, England during the First World War. She kept an autograph book from her time there, which includes inscriptions from four Canadians. There is an incription from Bruce Nelson Sandford, 27th Battalion from September 29, 1918; an inscription from G. West, 78th Battalion, from September 29, 1918; an undated incription from Pte. Ryan, 26th Battalion; and an undated inscription from Cpl. Thomas Wells.

Garfield Willard Weston was born in Toronto, Ontario in February, 1898. Weston enlisted in February, 1917 in Toronto with the Divisional Signallers, Engineering Company. Weston served overseas during the war, and following the war he was a successful businessman, philanthropist, and served as an MP in the British Parliament during WWII. For further information on Weston, see the W. Garfield Weston Foundation site. The collection currently consists of one letter and three photographs.

Howard Beverly Thorburn was born in 1898. He attended Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario during 1915 and 1916 before he left to take a commission with the Royal Field Artillery, with whom he served in France until the end of the war. The collection consists of seventy-eight letters from 1914 to 1918.

Jay Moyer Batiste was born in Toronto, Ontario in January, 1897. Moyer enlisted in Toronto in October, 1915 with the 95th Overseas Battalion and served overseas with the Western Ontario Regiment. He was killed at Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917. The collection consists of more than seventy letters written between 1915 and 1917 and one photograph.

Wellington Murray Dennis was born in April 1894 in Maplewood, Ontario.  He later moved west to Weyburn, Saskatchewan where he worked as an implement dealer. Dennis enlisted in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewa in April 1916 with the 229th Battalion.  He served overseas with the 5th Battalion Canadian Infantry and was killed on August 9, 1918.  The collection currently consists of more than thirty letters from Margaret Munro, his fiance, and letters from Murray to Margaret, as well as postcards and photographs.